Tuesday, October 07, 2008

HSM commercials?

my stats has decreased real low. :( its pretty sad though.

"when one is mad/sad, one should think positive"

everytime when im sad or mad, i think of this phrase and immediately, i feel much much better. unless its a real mad-mad situation then that doesnt work on me. for mad-mad situation, anything around me will make me feel "beh song". then when the anger's gone, HAPPY HOUR!

that's me. (:

i got my(excuse the "me" its actually my family's one) computer system back! my new monitor SUCKS SHIT! the screen is so BLOODY LONG! so when the screen's long and short, the pictures will ALSO look long and well, fat. : its like the sides of the picture are being pulled. get me?

thank goodness my mum's changing it.

imagine using that kind of screen for your entire life. *shudders*

hm, lets move on to another topic then. These days,commercials are getting real cheesy. dont you think? among all of the commercials, i find the "High School Musical" strategy TACKY. dont you think so? like how many commercials are there not about HSM or just like HSM?


the commercials i watched that contained "HSM" stuffs were TEA BOH, YAKULT and XPAX.


the teaboh one was some kind of singing show where Boh's girlfriend was being kidnapped. and they had to save her and of course, they sang all the while!

yakult WAS a definite HSM clone. the background, the singers and ALL. except for the songs tho.

XPAX was real bad. -_- the lead guy looks un-hot. HAHAHAAHAHA!

i only have one video of the HSM cloneys which is BOH! the rest you'll have to see it on tv. try to watch the chinese channels. normally they show it. maybe some of you have seen it already. who knows? i dont think i have found any inspiring commercials yet. funny ones, a lot. lame ones, even more.

in the meantime, you can check out the HSM ones. guarantee you will hate it. x TO THE MAX.

and before i go, some pictures to brighten up the whole post?

:O poser.

aint this so cute and colourful? its little tiny squishy balls!

so CEWWL yah:D

i ordered pizza hut a few days ago. chix spagetti! it tasted amazing!

as you all know, pmb is coming soon! just one week and two more days! EEK! nah, im not gonna be hiatus. when the time comes, i will stop blogging. just not now.

still, wish me luck for my PMB!

AND DONT PUMA LOOKS FECKING CUTE? :D (go search for puma in google) only mich maria jaywen esther and sab will get it. *winks*

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