Saturday, November 01, 2008

beach party (31.10.08)


i woke up at 4 something in the afternoon today! SHIEEET, its like damn late. how am i gonna ever fall asleep tonight? must be too exhausted from yesterday's beach party at muara!

heh heh, speaking of the party, why not i just show you the pictures. pictures explain everything!

OVERALL, THE BEACH PARTY was memorable. *sniff* im really gonna miss form 3y. we have our up's and down's indeed, but that's what makes each of our friendship stronger.

FORM 3Y! :D thankyou mr tiong for organizing the trip! and some other teachers that tagged along too!

before me and michee went to maria's house, we stopped by a few shops to look for "bimbo" shades. otherwise known as paris hilton clones. HAHAHA JUST KIDDING ALRIGHT.

our new shades peeeeps! dont they look so BIG? but that's the point right?

show your tongue out!

these shades were a steal, at only $6 each! courtesy to michee's mum for asking a discount from the indian man and helping us choose the right shades for our face. suprisingly, an indian shop sells shades. well, that's a good shop with cheap and good quality items. plus, the indian guy is a really polite dude. so its, worth checking out.

however, i forgot the shop name, so its probably a waste to tell you peeps all this.

next stop, to maria's house to pick her up. MARIA is SO PREPARED. she brought like everything we all need for barbecueing and all. oh,and also a big bag of tap water for washing our hands and feets.

FIRST picture i took at the beach was with VINESH!

*pouts* hmm.

i sense a farm.

our pondok, no.19! check out the foooood! hey, it may look little, but you havent see the leftovers!

SOMEONE STOLE MY KFC BURGER. :( how can that be! i put it on my plate. curse you stealer!

i didnt eat a lot. must be to focused on taking pictures.



the low and the hii(otherwise pronounce as HEEEEE)!

shimmy boy!

walking...along the beach..alone..

that's pretty messy. :/

michee and me. hmm. looks pretty empty at the right.

so we asked jaywen to come over! now it looks great. :D

this IS an incomplete picture! HAHAHA

yes? whaaaat? say hi to the missy.

the lovely ladies! brenda the nugget lover, jaslyn, shieeli and vanesa!

someone took my shades. and guess who did? WEEEEI KO!

say that to your DAD right now! WEI KO! PLEASE. :) it will earn good points with your daddy-o.

then its barbecue-ing time! THE 3r's were here too! heh heh heh fadli! HAHA i dont have his picture with me. boo!

the chef master, bruce and his helper, maria!

i did help tooooo! BUT mostly, i pengkan(barbecue) them until they turned hangus. not a pretty colour. :S gotta leave it all to the master!

i know a new mix already! barbecued crabstick+honey = GREAT!

while sifu bruce is cooking, i sneak up behind him and took a picture of myself! with a lil bit of him at the background.

what bimbos usually do:

:O gasp!

we're not like that in real life right.

now that's not what bimbo girls do! ITS US! our style! heh heh. i love this picture! i edited it so my teeth wont look that yellow. B)

warning! EMO moment ahead.

im sad. cos we're leaving...:(

off to the beach again to spread my emo feelings.

gonna cry soon.emo. not emo.


lilian 27. :D

piggy backing!

*a couple of dude joggers passing by our pondok making the "huff puff huff huff puff" sound*

that was INCREDIBLY loud and it attracted my attention.

mr tiong: aiyoh, dont keep looking at guys la!

they ARE OLD.

that's a day i'll never forget. awesome time. but i ended up sunburnt and becoming darker than before and also, lots of mosquito bites.

szekhai: sibu people's blood very sweet one!

that explains everything.

and at night, me maria and michee were webcam-ing! actually, its only them. not me. i have a webcam but i dont know how to use it! i know, very stupid right. :P

here's pics of them..

hello someone's feet! hints hints michee!

hello michee and maria.


how i wish i can join their sleepover but my mummy says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (lilo and stitch)

i love yesterday.

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