Monday, September 22, 2008

yay to games :D


especially the dressup games! i just cant stop playing them!

I URGE YOU PEOPLE TO GO TRY IT OUT! i never had so much fun before! too bad i have to study. :(

but for those who dont need to study, here's why you should try it out.

suck at fashion?

try this.

Time to Love Dressup

Click here to play this game

AND how about "i dont know how to make a chicken burger"

How to Make a Chicken Burger

Click here to play this game


the best bit's coming...

Whack Your Ex

Click here to play this game

your ex dumped you? feel mad at him/her? obviously. *winks*

this is one amazing game.

you should be able to find other types of games as well. just click and click!

anyway, my grandma went back to sibu today and at the same time, my grandpa came to live with us. : well. he's okay, just the fact that he likes to watch tv all know the drill. he watch tv = me no tv. AND also, have i mention that he doesnt like to wear a shirt? that's why he's shirtless EVERYTIME.

oh! but he buys lunch for me, so guess it will be alright. however, the main concentration now is on pmb!

that's why im gonna start cracking and yeah, use computer less.

in the meantime, dress up games are STILLL ZEEE BEST! :D

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