Thursday, September 18, 2008

weird. :|

i cut my hair yesterday. :(


actually, for me, it always looks funny or ugly after i cut it. then when it grows back, its better.

i didnt ask for any hairstyle just the usual. and also, my fringe looks like bangs except its swept to the side! but, after i checked carefully, its not actually bangs, its just layered. even my brother asked me, "why you dont ask the person t cut layered?"


thank goodness for holidays. two weeks is enough for it to grow back to the usual! :D

i went to yayasan yesterday right after my haircut in hope that i wont see anyone i know there. i only SAW one particular person. *winks* im sure he's reading this now!

at yayasan, so many strangers were giving me the weird look. T_T some girls looked like they're trying to laugh, and some gave the "raised eyebrow" look! OH COME ON, just quit it well ya?

not to mention, there was this ponytailed guy who keep on staring at me non-stop from the moment our eyes met, so i gave him the o_O look. then when he come closer to me, he blurted out "WOAH" THAT was officially too much!

however, i tried not to laugh. it is funny okay.

apart from the bad stuffs that happened, it turns out there were hotties there! :) but what a bad time for them to appear.

one was my dad's friend's son. and the other was :O SUCH A HOTTTTTTTTTTIEEE! *screams*

i think he's mixed! THOSE GORGEOUS EYES! how can anyone miss those shiny big round eyes? :D


before i cut my hair, i did try to experiment it a little! Have fun with it! :D i tied all sections of my hair into braids and voila! this is how it turns out!

i like how it looks like from the side! :D

from the front it looks so puffy! it looks like i've been electrolyzed! is that the word? oh well..

anyway, my cousin's coming today so i guess its gonna be good. (: dead bored at home. its time to have some FUN!

hope to take lotsa pics!

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