Friday, September 12, 2008

wanna get drunk?


im so whiny! :(

i dont know what i want now....

OH YEAAAAAAAAAAASSSS, i wanna dye my hair cocoa brown and wear bimbo shades and strut my way to the HIPPIEST aka à la mode BAR in town!

also i wanna drink VODKA! can someone tell me how does it taste like? craving for it. feck it. I WANNA GET DRUNK! HOW does it feel like? GIDDY? one day, i'll stock up shandy in my fridge and drink ALL 6 CANS until im drunk!

shandy DOESNT make YOU drunk! no matter how much i drinkv them,im still normal. except you go dizzy and all and also, your face goes red. yes, being drunk is NOT cool or pretty looking, still, it doesnt hurt to try. i'll try it at home then.

NOOOOOOO! I WANT TO GO BAR drink drink drink drink and wear a pretty cocktail dress! T_T

vincent said i have a tendency to drink when im sad. i drink water okay when im sad. must be a habit. especially in school, i love drinking. :/ no idea why.

BY THE WAY, WANNA GET DRUNK? *laughs hyterically*

before i get random and more random, i repeat, asians should not dye their hair blonde! if you really wanna dye it blonde, make sure you have big round eyes, sharp nose, "angmo skin colour", and NOT FORGETTING, nice full shaped
eyebrows and OH, FULL SEXY LIPS! then go bloody dye it then. DYE DYE DYE!

this is a really random post. -______-

p/s: i watch barnyard just now and i really wish i could be one of the animals in there and live in a barnyard. its cool only if the farmer is a VEGAN!

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