Friday, September 19, 2008

this is why you should not snore


it sounds like an earthquake is about to happen! -_- very ridiculous i know, but its super true!

I CANT STAND PEOPLE WHO SNORE LOUDLY! breathing heavily is okay, but snoring? that's unforgivable! last night about 12 am+ i was getting ready to sleep, all was done, and i lied on bed thinking about stuffs, my eyes nearly closed, then *snores* *snores*

try snoring with your mouth open and it will be even better if you have a flu! that's how my grandma sounds like.

URGH. i was banging my head onto the pillow, literally!

however, i did try to stop her from snoring by disturbing my cousins(theyre sleeping over at my house).

first attempt = hitting my grandma's feet so she would wake up.
FAILED- she was still sleeping. oh, did i mention, snoring louder than ever?

second attempt = laughing out loudly

third attempt = "framing" one of my cousins.

me: who's making that noise? is it you edric?
edric: no, its popo!
me: who?
edric: POPO!
me: huh? who?
edric: POPOOO!
me: i cannot hear! who?
grandma: *awakens from sleep* h-h-uh?

SUCCESSSS! :DD i did sleep soundly afterwards! FINALLY.

its weird i tell you. its like i have this sort of obsessive disorder of sound. i can sleep soundly ONLY if its quiet. and by quiet, i mean EXACTLY quiet.

no sounds of water dripping from the aircon, snoring, people talking, no crickets sound(they can get really irritating) basically, NOTHING.

*sighs* that's why i love getting a good night's sleep. i think i have insomnia. the result of being unable to sleep. and it will be even worse as school starts because i'm always sleeping late so it would be difficult for me to adjust to the new time! OH NO!

but these days, i can sleep quite well. except for the fact that my grandma's making such loud noises. -_- i should consider buying her those chin straps to control her from snoring! THERE IS A DEVICE WHICH PREVENTS PEOPLE FROM SNORING! AWESOME!


this picture is a failed shot! my cousin's suppose to come over but instead she stood there looking blur!

now this is better (:

all smiles!

we both are really vain!


oh man, i really wanna watch GOSSIPGIRL season 2! *pulls long face* nate is so YUMMMMMYY!

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