Wednesday, September 10, 2008


im pissed at how mean the world can be sometimes..the label so many different ways..really.

for example, one which im particularly concerned of is the word "fat".

not saying that i never called anyone fat, instead, i did laugh and make fun of those people who are well, huge. big sized, blabla, there are so many names that i've called them, fatty, piggy, fatso..

what irritates me more, is when some people who seriously think that the world revolves around them say that there should be no clothes for fat people. like WHATEVER, bitch! *roll eyes*

TRUST ME, making fun of fat people doesnt make you thinner, okay?

i have my thin-moments, yeah, i worry that i look too thin okay..and my friends, they're just so sweet, they make it sound nicer and all. friends really give us an influence on how we feel about our body. if you get those friends that make fun of your body..then you need some real and new friends..i guess.

anyway, that applies only for fat people. instead of fat, why dont we use the word plump? it sounds so sophiscated, yet not offensive at all. or chubby? it sounds cute. to me, i have to get use to those words cos im still using the word fat. very mean indeed.

and its not like the fatness from your body cant be cured. unless it runs in the genes then..maybe.

but for those who can be cured, YOU are just plain lazy! get off the couch and go exercise will ya? at the end of the day, you hide at the corner claiming and blaming everyone that they make fun of you, say that you're fat, and what do you do then? hide from them forever? stop making all those excuses about how fat you are or whatsoever..

JUST GO EXERCISE or join a diet program or what!

prove to those people they ARE WRONG!

just imagine the happiness you will receive and how shock those criticizers will be when they found out you lost some weight! awesome feeling aint it?

that's just about what's in my mind these few days.

till here then!

and lastly, even if this post sounds so mad, gah all those stuffs, im normal. as in, happy-normal. just sharing my thoughts. :)

psst, bruce willis is quite hot. ;) (the old kind of hotties!)

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