Sunday, September 14, 2008

mooooo(n) cakes


just came back from dinner at Riverview with my uncles and cousins. we always get together whenever my grandma's(dad's side) here. Like a family reunion huh?

I FEEEEEL SO BALLOONEY! i ate too much. have you ever wondered like at times, you have this feeling that you wanna eat, but then you feel so full and just wanna stop, but just cant?

I ALWAYS TEND TO OVEREAT. no matter how full i am, i will still eat. its the feeling. it forces me to eat non-stop. of course i did stop! i have a limit. -__-

After eating, i feel like im gonna vomit the whole thing out. I feel so...PUFFY. like a balloon which is gonna pop soon.

However, the food's really tasty so i guess its not that bad afterall. *winks*

oh yeah, today's moon cake festival! :D

you know there's this temple in gadong or is it in bandar? yeah, each year, they always have this celebration party during the mooncake festival. something like that. last year they gave away free mooncakes and drinks! including showing an opera show which i didnt bother to watch.

that was the place where i get to meet "drinking guy". get it? This year, there's this lantern competition. Finding which one is the nicest and special one of all, i think. its was raining, hence i didnt go into the temple. wonder if mr drinking guy was there. (:

ahh, also, yesterday i went miri to visit my grandmama. (mom's side) quite a tiring week. *yawn* i will just post up pictures and all then. let the pictures do the talking!

blizzzard! i had oreo. my mum took the maltesers one.

sunlight. can you see it? adobe's one gorgeous application.

just wanna tell you how amazing you are..

me and my cousin doing the three poses. cant believe she's such a great POSER! :P


i seriously hate the lifts in the hotels. a phobia.

im such a poser. a very good one indeed.

my mum has to be like the meanest person in my life. T_T

me: don't compare my results with vera! (my cousin, same grade) her school's standard and mine are different!
mum: then why do you want to do braces and compare nice teeth with others?

you see what i mean?

p/s: the pictures i posted up are always in order.

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