Thursday, September 25, 2008

just wonder!


i miss blogging. (: that's why im blogging! been busy studying these few days. its kind of hard to study especially during holidays, but when i think of vacation-ing after pmb, i get cracking! seriously!

ah, however, sometimes when im studying halfway, i would think of some random stuffs.

just sometimes, i wonder..

how nice and peaceful it could be stuck alone in an empty room with lots and lots of tall windows surrouding you! oh, also, the panels must be white in colour! decorated with transparent flowy curtains!

mean, just imagine. alone. in the big clean room. wooden floors. quiet. peacefulness. (it is in the morning -__-) birds chirping. me doing yoga! AH! PERFECT COMBINATION!

what! i like yoga..ever since i was small i always wanted to go to yoga classes. i do it with my brother all the time at home. FOR FREE! we have our own blankets instead of mats. and we practiced it in the living room! (:
hm, there is one thing i would like to do though..which is walking along the streets of new york city!

i know i know, new york is so crowded and full of traffic that just by crossing the roads, you could get bang by a car or something. But really. i dont know why. i just wanna take a stroll along the streets. perhaps i just wanna see the tall buildings or those stylish shops?

one thing for sure is, i would wear a gorgeous trench coat and those knitted hats and not forgetting, holding a cuppa! just like Anne Hathaway in the movie "the devil wears prada" AH! ALSO HEELS! HOW could i forget heels! *shocked face*

dont i sound so "barbie" now?


give nick jonas a peck on his cheek!

you can stop laughing or badmouthing whatsoever now. its just a thought. :/


i dont get me with all those weird spellings in each word. as in - holidays. i changed it to holidaze! HOLIDAZES ARE FRYING MY BRAINS! :P

i feel drunky. :(

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