Thursday, September 11, 2008

im yours.

hey peeps!

decided to make a picture post since i've been doing mostly wordy posts. you'd get bored of it.

my mouth is like filled with ulcers currently which hurts real bad. oh yeah, ulcers are acidic ;) so i need alkaline to neutralise the pain. (learned that from science! smart i know)

and i just heard from my dad that my grandma's(my dad's side) coming! OOOOOO NOOOOO! seriously, she's such a nagger..and also, she brags. Not to mention, shes probably gonna force me to go back to sibu by saying, "listen to your mum, later she dont let you go sibu this december"

MAN, i should be "taat" to my parents so I WONT be able to go sibu. im taking a vacation after pmb. not at sibu of course.

now now, i have two grandmas, one from my dad's side, and another from my mum's side. i love my grandma which is from my mum's side. you know why? its because she loves and cares for me. unlike the other one *roll eyes* she likes the guys more. GUYS mah..what you expect? old customs.

lets forget about it and move on TO MY VAIN VAIIIIIIIIIIN PICTURES!

whatchu looking at?

*gasp* me? you looking at moi?







actually, adobe's not bad. in fact, edited pictures turns out really nice and you know, "classy".

yeah, that's the hat sabena's dad gave. (:


my mum's lipstick is AWESOMMMMMME! i was wading through her cosmetics and WOAH! i didnt know she had chanel. must be expensive. COCO CHANEL WAH! for sure its not cheap. ;)

she likes branded cosmetics. that's why she doesnt like it when i use her stuffs. :(

im thinking of getting a new hairstyle. any recommendations, people? rmb, those that suits my face. i d consider getting bangs but hey, i dont suit them. thats why.

SO if you find any hairstyle that maybe suits my face or whatever, just tell me okay! i really appreciate your help. growing fringe is an absolute NO. i have a small forehead, yeap, but then i look really old without fringe. so thats why.

AND CAN YOU PLEASE IMAGINE MICHEE( ) WITH those short coconut hair?!?

suits her i know. (: feck, my saliva dripped out. :P DONT SAY EW ALRIGHT!

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