Saturday, September 06, 2008

im a little girl ^^

how would you react if someone called you a xiao mei mei/xiao di di?

fyi, xiao mei mei = little girl and xiao didi = little boy

indeed, someone called me that. in fact, its a saleswoman who prolly looked only 22 and hey, im 15! how could she even mistake me for a little girl when im only 7 years younger than her?!?

you guys must be thinking, "little bit also need to complain"

this is a HUGE thing! trust me, noone have called me that "little girl" word for like since form 1? REALLY! or was it form 2? -____- and there she goes calling me that when im a bloody 15, she must think im 5! why cant she call me "xiao jie"(lady) at least? doesnt that sound so mature? such a nice feeling?

dont worry, i dont get mad over this kind of stuffs, just that it felt weird. i was stumped.

its okay, she's a nice lady. she said bye to me and also asked me to come again. such a sweet lady. but seriously, i hate it when she tried to talk in chinese. yep, she's not chinese. different race.

actually, being a little girl aint bad. my bro told me i look like a 22 year old. SO BLARDY SAD! T__T then how come a 22 year old saleswoman can mistake me for a little girl?

so the point is : i am 15. still a little girl, but its better to refer me as a "lady". :D

be nice!

aneeway,my test results sucked to the max. SUCKEDDDD! im so worried. sad. mad.

a promise to myself:

no more last minute studying.
no more sleeping late (be bed by at least before 11.30pm)
no more delaying.

till here then. have to do something!


p/s: i hate the guy who is the voice of shane gray in the malay version of camp rock. "hai, saya ialah shane gray" one word - ew!

boy: hey baldie!
bald guy: young man, are you addressing me?
boy: why? do you want to get mailed somewhere?

get it?

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