Friday, September 26, 2008

girl guys

you peeps know who's super junior?

yes? the korean boy band with 13 members?

*silent pause*


i was watching one of their music videos one day AND IT WAS HILARIOUS!

have you watched any of them? the one i watched was..hum, the boy band members were hugging pedestrians on street and holding up a sign "free hugs" something like that. THAT video was really. really. FUNNY.

cause mostly the members looked really sissy. those with long locks even tied their hair! Tying up your locks in a simple low ponytail for guys is fine, but tying two ponytails at the side is NOT fine! THE MEMBERS DO THAT! not forgetting they're guys right.

I WAS LIKE "O.O oh okay." very cool.

NO i wasnt like that! its *open mouth in an o-shape*

that's the real one.

whatever happened to man-guys? they dont exist anymore? only girl-guys are the TREND now? that's so sad. :'( we girls need guys to protect us. : but having girl-guys are not bad. they can be your shopping companion.

AH, back to the topic.

about SJ, there is one guy which i reckon he's pretty man and cute, however i dont remember which one is him.


btw, im feeling real pissed now.

*scolds vulgar words uncontrallably*

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