Tuesday, September 02, 2008

fun moments

see, i promised i will blog today and i did! :D

pictures taken during talentine. (31.8.08)

mata juling! hm, my right eye looks funny its not even moving to the middle! :(
dh2 (i was moving)
:X michee: "i cannot tahan already!" look

i just love piggy riding michee's back! very childish, yet fun!
love this picture!

then today, me maria and michee went to mall! like FINALLY all three of us can make it. bliss! had lots of fun as usual and of course, checking out cguys! HAHAHAHA! c.angelo. feck, that name sounds very sexy indeeed. but too bad, that belongs to maria. :P

oh yeah, before going to mall, i went to jaya to accompany my brother to eat at the food court. there was this irritating auntie who came to us and asked us personal stuffs non-stop. -___-

she asked: so, why your dad dont come? who bring you here? why your sister dont eat?

THEN MY BROTHER JUST HAD TO TELL HER IM EATING AT CHEEZBOX LATER. and she was like all stupid, "what is cheezbox ah? expensive or not? haiya, come auntie here more cheaper"

she is so....*slaps face*

NOT TO MENTION, one particular sales assistant in jaya! in the shoe shop. so damn rude, dont even let me cross the small corner somemore, just barge into me like that! sales assistant should have a happy personality. smile always, and remember the customer is always right. :)

in cheezbox. damn, i dont even wanna recall the situation. especially when we're using the computer. doing sinful stuffs. :X

us three!

i hate the reflection so much. yew.

me with the gun shooting plastic. ;)

maria flaunting her newly bought bag!

michee aka shabby chic.

this name was given by maria because apparently, mich went crazy over the stuffs in a shop called "shabby chic" thus, the name.
me! only if i had nero photoshop back :( then i can glow this picture. this pic makes me look fecking dark!

TAN TAN TAN! nice bags ey? (i have fats hanging over my armpit. So muscular-ly.)

hehehe, love this picture. very modish. (OMG CHECK OUT MICHEE! HAHAHA)

oh yeah, i bought a biore pack thingy! LOVE IT! it seriously removes my blackheads! LIKE so sakai right? BUT OH SO AMAZING! love love love, but the results wont last. :(

shrimp cocktail. :)

kiwi slushie. kiwi's not my fav food, heck, the drink tasted awesome.

there! all pictures posted up, altho some i accidentally deleted.

YOU know what i detest?

kiddies who have no manners. *coughs* more like toddlers. esh.

i was doing my business in the toilet at one time. then this kid prolly aged 1-2 suddenly came and bang at my door doing "AH AH AH" that "act cute tone" then i bang the door back and stomp my feet to the ground. it bang the door even more!

the mum dont even care! TEACH YOU KIDS MANNERS WILL YA? before i bash your anak okay!

doesnt mean i hate kids okay. :) i like them, except for some that pisses me off.


my test results are horrible. especially computer! its like...-___- bad.

anyway, im like blardy tired. i wanna go do my stuffs and all and then jump into bed and zzzz.

till here then! ciao.

p/s: i have a lot to bitch about now. guess i will have to blog about it some other day.

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