Wednesday, September 03, 2008

dracula tooth

sometimes i think life is a never ending journey, aint it?

when you thought everything around you is perfect, just SOMETHING/SOMEONE will ruin it.

dont you agree?

in fact, my life has been really good now, then...i found out that..


i have been diagonosed with DRACULA TOOTH!

seriously..well. it isnt exactly dracula tooth but it looks like one. its way behind my milk teeth. get it? yes, i havent plucked out all my milk teeth. prolly 2-3 still remain? and thankfully, my dad will bring me to the dentist sooner or later!


this feeling's not good. vincent just made the situation worser.

HAHA. no lah! he just said, "i'll be the first person you'll look for when you got dracula teeth"

saying like i'll suck his bloody blood!

imagine sucking his blood...i will get vincent's genes!

in the meantime, beware of me.

draculas dont like to get mad. noone likes to make a dracula mad dont they?

*winks winks*

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