Sunday, September 07, 2008

cupcake princess!

hey peepos!

there was this karaoke singing competion yesterday held in mall which meand my family went. i think it was $40 per person? i didnt at ALL enjoy the event. not one bit.

first of all, its because of the food, remember, one person $40 is like fecking expensive and you know what they served? only about 4 main courses! and the soup is some corn soup which i think, i can cook myself!

SO CHEAP. NO ORANGE JUICE/COLA/FIZZY DRINKS. just chinese tea and warm water. >:( defo not worth the money. hmph. and also, yeah. the entertainment was lenghty. BY LENGHTY, i mean like looooooooooooooooong. the event started at about 7pm and it finished at about nearly 1 AM in the morning?

gosh, i was so sleepy at that time that i kept on scolding nasty vulgar words out. my dad's friends must be like "why so kurang ajar one?" oops :X i was patiently waiting for the event to end..they just love giving so many prizes! like 10 bloody trophies? all right, just move on quickly okay?

guess my parents enjoyed it. they loved it. i dont. :( *sniff* my bro slept outside the ballroom. lol. i dont wanna sleep there. its dangerous. :p



:D at the parking lot

despite that they didnt serve any fizzy drinks,the chinese tea was indeed tasty. very soothing feel when you drink it.

my bro's in action again. ( please dont kill me, whoever this person is, i can take this pic down if you want :x )

this pic is edited. i like it!

dont you see that im getting better at this cross eyed thingy? its getting really mata juling now! :D

"huh? what on earth happened?" yeah, my phone dropped from the sink that time with a loud "crash" it immediately shut down. im worried. hope its okay now.

yeah? you like the pimple situated at the chin?

elegance (:

while waiting for the event to end

after this event, i could barely open my eyes or walk properly. super exhausted. this morning too. now also. i havent pluck out my teeth. :/ it cost about $50 man!

actually, my mum asked me to go to the school dentist. URGH. i am terrified to go there. anti-school dental.

JUST JUST JUST PRAY THAT my teeth will be fine. (:

ANYWAY, I AM BLOOOOOOOOOODY IN LOVEEEEEEEE WITH MAKE UP! LIKE totally obsessed over it. i wish brunei sell more cosmetic brands. in brunei they offer only a limited choice. boo. can anyone tell me where to find those "stila" brands?

and also, im pissed at my mum. she doesnt even care about my teeth. i keep on asking her for some tips and all, she just snub me. how can you tell me to be happy then?

however, look at the brighter side, camp rock premieres today!

ima gonna go catch it!

till here then. ciao!

p/s: when you see me looking at the mirror(that's a habit) doesnt mean that im obsessed with myself, alright? that's stupid okay. if i am obsessed with myself, i'd kiss my reflection.

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