Friday, September 05, 2008


hey guys,

i think my days at home is making me "dull". my routine is like eat,sleep,watch tv, flip through old mags, going onine etc


i wanna do something exciting, really! like travelling around tasting different kinds of food..taking nice pictures and do so much more! fortunately, my wish can come true right after pmb ends! :D i know i have been talking about this topic like over and over again but i'm never bored to write about it. maybe you readers are tired of it. that's life!

oh, days spending at home has also resulted in obsessive eating non-stop! its like if i see any food in front of me, i would chomp it down instantly. its awesome tho! eating is an art. its awesome in so many ways. food has created so many new things for us to explore.

it creates employment(chefs, dish cleaners, etc), lets us to find out more about the food cultures of different religions, and so much more! i must have got this food-thingo craze from my dad. he loves food, in fact, we like watching cooking shows together. A.F.C channel is in my must-watch-channel list along with other channels. disney is also in there too! lol.


i can just die if it never existed.

this subject is getting weird. o.O

to make things more interesting, here are my five favs chow of the month for now!


yummy! i do get bored of it at times. i think what makes a great laksa is tasty not-so soft or hard mee, lots of ingredients, and lastly soup which is not too hot(as in pedas).


dont tell me you dont like it! im sure sure everybody likes it. even angmos! :D the fried prawn wantan is amazing.


im craving for this LIKE SINCE LAST MONTH! the last time i went to mall, the stall was closed. *sobs* no fate with it. one day, i will taste it! JUST ONE DAY! sheeet, just think of the hot mayo covering the round balls...


i'll never ever get bored with this.


this is not a kind of thing you would call a cuisine. but tell me, how can you resist the pretty colours of makeup? i would just gobble them up one day.

NOT TO MENTION the least most liked one none other than, garlics.

YEW! some waitresses are such dumdums. you tell them no garlic in your dish, they nodded happily. then when your dish coe out, you can whiff the smell of the garlics and of course, the beautiful white colour chopped garlics sprinkled all over your dish.

what do you do in this critical moment? refund. DUH. but if it doesnt smell too strong or it you can barely taste those garlics. well. that's accepted. :)

and there is one cuisine that i havent tried yet in my entire 15 years of living which is..

LEMON AND CHOCOLATE! doesnt it sound so exotic? next time, i'll create a restaurant and you shall witness the beauty of this mixture.

lemon cocoalatte
"a mixed of delicious warm lemon syrup over a simmering hot chocolate"

you will see this in menus one day. ;)

btw, am i making any of you guys hungry?

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