Friday, August 01, 2008

you got me all goosy

im wondering if any of you readers ever clicked on my archives or not.

because if you guys did, dont YOU dare click on those in 2006. LOL. (but considering that i had mention it, maybe some of you will click on it)

i used to type a lot of short form english. HAHAHAHA! I WAS SMALL ALRIGHT. -_- that is forgiven. only if you're a big girl like me now and have learn proper english in school starting from form 1 and still write like that. then that is not acceptable.

still, its everybody decision on whether they wanna type using short form or full form. mine is not exactly full form. its sorta like in between? btw, i dont know why i stop typing short form english. probably i cant stand reading it myself? prolly.

do you know i have an OLDER blog other than this? yes i did! Its not deleted btw. but i aint telling you the link. :P

HAHAHAHAH! i blogged about FIFA WORLD CUP in my older blog! YES I DID! in form 1! and was kind of obsessed over frank lampard? oh yesh, i still remember all this stuff. and also remembering argentina getting 6 goals or was it 4?

anyway, mocks are coming and im not prepared for it. its already 1st of August, which IS BAD. im not even done with any of the subjects. how many subjects are to be studied? 8. GREAT.


i was viewing some pri 6 blogs, and damn they can create their blogskin by their own. LIKE when did they get so smart? im being mean i know, but when i was their age, all i know was studying and watching disney channel. HAHA. SERIOUSLY. and what's with those pri 1-3 kids getting phones? PARENTS SHOULD BAN kids at those age in having phones. trust me. after a few weeks or maybe days, their parents will have to face those big amount of phone bills or either their kids mobile - lost. i extremely hate it when my bro use my dad's phone to message to this fat girl stupid stuffs. like "hi" then after she replied "hi" he asked "what r u doing" then she say "watching tv. you?" then vice versa. so pointless. see what i mean by how many precious money they waste?

parents may say, "oh cheh, they primary mah, not that much friends"

ONE FRIEND = can message like forever = $$$ big bills

SEE. actually teenagers do that too. HAHAHA. but i dont do that! 0:) SERIOUSLY. i ask important stuffs. awww!

back to life then. i will be constantly busy(yes i mentioned this a lot of times already) due to mocks and thus, lack in blogging. but bear with me, after exams and all, i will blog EVERYDAY! I PROMISE. :D and go out everyday! maybe not everyday. i so SO SO MUST GO ON A LOOOONG VACATION THIS YEAR and eat gooood food, view interesting blogs, play harvest moon everyday day. :) sigh. that's life!

my mum likes me playing the piano. :D so i guess i will play it everytime starting from now.

and i simply simply cannot stand it when my fringe touches my eyebrow. it has this kind of irritating feeling that you just wanna grab a scissor and just snip it off. of course i wont do that!

my mum's gonna be back soon and if she sees me using the comp, yes, she will get mad.

till here then!

ps: i hate little kids nagging their parents for laptop. like wait till you grow up okay? feck them. :p

pss: just in case any of you guys wanna know, camp rock premieres on 7th september!

my mum's phone is awesome. :P

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