Friday, August 29, 2008

when can i finally....

i am dead bored. i cant go out and have fun, nothing to do, nothing nice to eat...........

ALL I DO EVERYDAY everyhour is watch tv.

how exciting ey?

actually, its not that bad. hbo and cinemax! awesome channels! hum. im like watching movies every 3 hours(yes i have mentioned this before) whatever goes on next, i will watch. provided only if its like not those old movies from cinemax. really dont like cinemax. its so bloody boring. trust me. all are like probly movies from the 70's or 80's?

GOSH. BRING ON THE MODERN MOVIES! dreamgirls coming this sunday! oh la la! cant wait! *shrieks* and there's more cool movies coming on soon!

to tell the truth, i dont really like going to the movies to watch movies. (excuse the simillarity of the word please) bcause it is a waste of money. in one year or so, you can the like see the movies in hbo or starmovies. that's why. still, its my own opinion.

anyway, lemme recall one of the most extraordinary movie i caught this week in tv.



HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH is gooooooood. :) very nice. very interesting, but a bit..weird? they didnt really describe the whole story well, so it will prolly leave you wondering around in "what?" "how" "who".

apparently, my mum likes that movie too eventho she was being a lil forgetful.

mum: so tell me about the story.
me: nah, rmb buddy is a guy okay!
mum: okay okay!
me: oh, so ya, im not sure whether buddy likes ann or harris, cos it seems like buddy likes ann but then likes harris, i think buddy likes ann more!
mum: *silence*
me: O_o
mum: buddy is boy or girl hah?
me: -_____-

oh man, i really wanna go mall tomoro and go to the ground floor and buy those big round squishy fried balls...*mmm* rubs tummy* takayoshi tayakoshi..something. i dont know how to say "it". :p

guess i will have to delay it. :(


i love blogging. :D


there's this ghost movie i really detest. and you know what's the scariest thing to do now? typing about a ghost movie which i dont like at abt 12AM+...seriously, this movie is like weird? they keep changing the scenes and not telling us why does the "ghost" wanna kill those people.


kill here kill there. booooo-ring. wth? i dont even know why that "ghost" wanna kill people?!?!

THAT MOVIE suxx to the max.

its a thai movie btw, so just guys, DONT WATCH it unless you are those type of patient people. i cannot stand to watch a movie with no meaning. end of story.


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