Wednesday, August 13, 2008

viewing through rose-tinted glasses..

hello! school was awesome today! lots of laughter and filled with fun! mostly pranking with one another. although i was being mean to vincent the whole day by ignoring an calling him an "emo bastard". seriously, he's so emo and moody yesterday. >:( hmph.

talking to him is like talking to those people who take drugs. no energy. at least he's happier today, but still! emo bastard. :P

you eat chicken everyday, arent you bored? try something new. -vincent, his favourite phrase.

and someone looked hilarious today! maria and me were trying not to laugh at her! HAHAHA! i cant mention it here tho so boo! but here's a clue of what im trying to say. CORAL BLUEEEEEE~

*gives a long sigh* exams are coming in less than one week and i havent even finished studying all. by now, i should at least start revising and testing myself again..there's not enough time. and even worse, my brain's all cluttered with thoughts of VACATION *does peace sign*, SHOPPING, eating.. having fun..

NO PROBLEMO! this will all soon be over. the exams and all i mean. :)

anyway, i was viewing my older photos, mostly form 2 and 3(yes, i know they are not that old but they are indeed older than my now pics) and decided to post up some pics. some which i have never posted up.


im sure you know who these girls are. :P

icc. michee and me. in case you cant see who is who.

happy 2008! ^-^

there are MORE..but, i will post them up next time.

im actually suppose to be in bed taking my nappie this time now..instead, im using computer. blame it on my mum. she didnt hide the keyboard and mouse properly. tsk tsk.

OH YEAH. i wanna buy sunglasses! you know why? to bring them along for my holiday trip after pmb! *winks*

what i look for in sunnies:

1] big round/oval ones
2] good quality and most importantly..
3] CHEAP. less than 10 would be an awesome bargain. im super kedekut.

wait for my shopping list..its gonna be a lengthy one...MUAHAHAHAHAH! im gonna save big sums of money first, then...spend SPEND SPEND!

(not gonna spend all of course. and dont you love my title?)

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