Friday, August 15, 2008

"sure i can wear your undiewear"

my counter was being such a bitch just now! it just sorta go crazy by itself and wont calculate my visitors! hope its fixed already.

oh yeah, check out this conver between my youngest bro and my mum.

bro: papa dont want to buy new toothpaste(kiddy one) for me!
mum: why not?
bro: he say cannot use his toothpaste is it?
mum: then you ask him to wear your underwear can onot?

HAHAHA! I FIND THIS super hilarious really! okay, maybe you find it :S or "errr..? wha-t?" or you dont get it. sorry! i was just a bystander only so yeah.

yesterday, my bro's friend called and he and my bro started fighting with each other and saying all those nasty hokkien vulgar words out. i simply cant stand it so i scolded my bro loudly. apparently, his "kepo" friend heard it and called me " cb ".

i was mad, of course and started scolding him all those vulgar words i know in english. (A) since he only knows hokkien, i can teach him the english vulgar words! :D we started fighting and all continously until i accidentally sat on the computer chair(which is broken btw) and yeap, i tumbled onto the floor.

i laughed too when i fell. had no idea. :/

my bro's friend is a bastard. this keyboard im using is an asshole.

anyway, based on the trauma above, what if it happened in public? falling in public in front of a posh restaurant? *shudder* that is embarassing. at least mine is at home so its no biggie!

actually what i really wanna blog about is :

HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY JOE JONAS! aka Danger (shyit, so sexy the name)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! no matter what age he is, joe is still hot as ever! joe is amazing. his face is cute, hot, sexy, charming, pretty, beautiful and anything that spells out perfection! it helps that he can sing too! HE CAN SING OKAY. -_-

i dont get it why some girls hate the JBs wearing skinny jeans? cannot isit? only your boyfriend is eligible to wear am i right? ew. i was viewing this certain lady's blog and she diss a lot about the JBs. i hope she post up a picture of herself soon. THEN I CAN *smiles wickedly*

...SPAM! SPAM! she better not be pretty. HAHAHA! HOW MEAN OF ME! okay, i wont spam then. i will just bitch about her to make myself feel better.

well, till here then! need to sleep.

ps: i remembered maria told me and michee about the story of the priest raping the girl. shit. i laughed when i think about the priest saying "father will be gentle" OOPSIE.

going miri tomoro :X dont feel like.

find it funny when they all say "we're the jonas brothers" this song's nice! :D listen listen! joe, nick and kevin look great in there!

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