Monday, August 04, 2008

old hotties


i supposed some of you have watched the MTV ASIA AWARDS yeah?

*coughs* after watching it, i find Jared Leto hot.

AHAHAHHA! WHAT? I KNOW HE'S THE EYELINER MAN OKAY! but during the awards thingy, he put very little already. not that much, but still can be seen. He IS hot, have you seen his hot bod in the "so yesterday" video? WWWWWWOOOOOOOSH~ *drools* yes, i know, he's old but the HOT type of old. just think of brad pitt (sorry, i only find him handsome not hot) or George Clooney or Orlando Bloom who's 31 and looking hotter than ever!

see? nothing wrong in admiring old hotties. :P

please answer this for me: DO YOU THINK GEORGE CLOONEY IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE? *long pause*


OH MY GOSH. i just found out that JARED LETO AINT TWENTY EIGHT OR FIVE but he's THIRTY SEVEN! 3-7! *gasp* *gasp* so old? bet maria's like "where got? he does look like thirty seven you know."

anyway, something embarassing happened just now. T_T

i was using the computer that time,then i heard someone knocking on my front door. i thought it was my dad so i panicked cause i wasnt allowed to use the computer. during that "panic moment" i was like freaking out and scolding like "haiya haiya why so fast come back" and all very LOUD. and then finally i opened the door and whoops ~.~ its someone else, not my dad but a guy from a workshop giving me back my dad's car keys.

he was sorta shocked and paused for a moment before giving me the car keys. hmm..i wonder why. so i went and look into a mirror and noticed my hair was super messy. (just woke up from my afternoon nap okay) great.

again im gonna say the same phrase which is- I CANT WAIT FOR PMB TO END! SO MANY STUFFS TO DO! HEH HEH HEH! >:)

especially that particular stuff. *winks*

till here then! bubbai!

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