Thursday, August 14, 2008

mister pink illusion teddy :D

hey peeps!

what's happening in my life currently?

1] i forgot to zip my pants when i went out yesterday. noticed a lot of strangers giving the "o_O" look. hell embarassing okay.

2] i can now do cross-eyed without using my finger! *round of applause*

based on the crosseyed stuff i wrote about, YES! I CAN DO IT WITHOUT MY FINGER! im addicted in doing it, as in if i look at something for a while my eyes will naturally become mata juling! which is horrifying! i dont wanna be you know, cross eyed. looks creepy. still, its fun. :P cant wait to show my mama! im expecting her to say this.

me: mama! *does cross-eyed*
mum: gan ma? (what?)

oh yeah, dont you just hate it when guys who are married look at other women? (as in with the horny look, not the normal look) THAT IS REVOLTING. i was at a restaurant yesterday and saw this married couple sitting together with their anak. then, this woman wearing a mini skirt came in with her boyfriend. then, the husband started looking at her legs with the corner of his eye.

he must think his wife is blind. i can see that the wife is worried about her husband looking at the woman, but she shrugged it off. bloody disgusting horny old man. who ask the wife to be so old fashioned? wearing a big t-shirt that's twice the size of her size, pajamas pants, and hideous bathroom slippers. like guess, do you think her husband wanna look at her or at the girl wearing a mini?

DUH. of course the one wearing the mini. i know i know, "true love" does exist. yes i believe. however, im sure that guys who have girlfriends/wives will still look at a girl and will think she's hot/sexy/cute. IM CONFIRMED. no guys are that loyal. they are still guys.

unless that guy is *coughs* the opposite. then, yeah. :)

OH OH OH! have you seen my new icon? the teddy one? his name is mister pink illusion teddy! :D yes, whatever, i find the name cute for him. im sorry,mich, that teddy aint like the cheesy teddy, the original mr cheesy is still the best.

i cant wait to change my skin again. i know, this skin's only been like for a while but i cant stand the pinkness of this skin. :X it doesnt complement with my pictures. its better to have a white background. clean and fresh and thats exactly how my next skin should look like. just 14 more days...till you-know-what ends *grumble grumble*

i just realized i never put any celebs as my header skin. never before. perhaps because i dont like their faces all over my blog? maybe..

speaking of celebs, let me do some GOSSIPGIRL RANTINGS HERE!

im so bloody pissed at dan. At Serena's mum's wedding, Dan told Serena that its better if they break up because he find it hard to trust her again. then after that when the dancing starts, they danced together(someone pushed them to do it), and serena was like "you can let go now" because that "person" has went away? and dan was like "no, i never wanna let you go" LIKE WTH?!? IM FUCKING PISSED! he said byebye to her first then he want to never let go of her? DAN YOU RUTHLESS MAN!

i prefer nate to be with serena. cos dan is a shorty and serena is a tallie. not matching. heard in real life they're both together. oh well. at least nate still likes serena(in the series)! juicy! >:D


that felt good. ive been skipping from one topic to another. sorry lah, usually i can like blog about one subject non-stop but then..*sigh*

exams are killing me. that's why. fried my brains. till here then! wanna sleep. cheers!

PS: guess who's bday is tomoro?

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