Sunday, August 10, 2008

im craving for steak again :D

so have you guys watch the olympics? the events and all? like cyling, boxing, etc?

i watched! :D

but i only watched the gymnastics one, the rest are kind of boring. the gymnastics one arent! cos you know why?

there are HOTTIES IN THERE! HAHAHAHAHA! and young ones too! no old hotties in there! ;)

LIKE SERIOUSLY. i simply switch on to that channel and i was like O_O glued onto the tv set. who say the olympics dont have hotties? in fact, i spotted some seriously worth-drooling-over hotties, like the ones from germany! i know his name! Marcio! sexy aint it?

" Marcio, baby, bon nega tiz von secluer "

im sure you dont understand those words cos i dont too! i made it up. tsk tsk. overall, Marcio did really well. he got great muscles. well..doh. he is an athlete after all.

anyway, i have gained my appetite back again! last month, my appetite was low. i can only eat like brunch, lunch and then dinner? now i can eat brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner and supper! :) HOHOHO! my strong appetite is back! bet i can gained some gorgeous kilos now!

you know, exams are coming in one week time, and there are lots of stuffs going on my mind, like vacationing. im really counting off the time till pmb ends. 3 more months and then, bye bye FORM 3! URRRRRGGGGGGH!

can you imagine how much fun that is? i will just have to wait....wait......and wait. -___-

oh, and you know what you MUST NOT DO the most?

1]dont take a picture of your hand smeared in tomato sauce and put it as your primary pic in friendster. its disgusting. ew.
2] guys who type "blek" IS SO EW. they think cute guys are in?

wei wei wei~~~
blek xD blek xD
come cut diao loh~~
blek xD blek xD

say me stupid o~~
sad leh...


[ do you see how sissy this anonymous person is? ]

not at all. HOTTIES ARE WHAT IN NOW! :D and shall always be.

before going out! (last night pictures)

the effect of this picture is beautiful.

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