Saturday, August 09, 2008

i felt your presence..

HEELLLLOWWW! i can blog again! seems like my mum's getting pro in hiding the keyboard and mouse. she hid it under my bed. YES! THE LAST PLACE i'd find! seriously, i never bothered to find it in my room. usually she stash it under the piano chair.

now getting smarter ey! ;) craving for FOOD FOOD FOOD again! and also really cant wait to go and buy those stick-pores something that can remove your blackheads? i cant wait to buy it. i have A LOOOOT of blackheads on my nose. its so disgusting. ewh. thankfully for beauty essentials! Make up is amazing too! imagine a world without makeup. actually, i can survive without it but then, make up makes everything so nice!

like concealer or foundation, which helps a lot. i really like blushers and shimmery eyeshadows! they are amazing! :D woohoohoo, wonder when have i been a make up fan?

so yeah, what kind of movies do you guys like to watch? sad type? happy type? romantic sloppy types? horror?

my favourite are horrors,high-school romance flicks and most importantly, SAD TYPES!

*sniffs* any movie that can make me cry is fo sure an ultimate you-can-watch-it-over-and-over-again.

here are some movies which i have cried over before.


this movie taught me to appreciate stuffs more like my parents and people who have been there for me. i cried at the part where the father came and see his son(mr adam sandler)who's ignoring him all the while then when mr adam shouted at him. the dad cried. SO SAD. T_T

actually now i find it funny. you know the rewind part where the dad said "i love you son" and it kept on replaying and replaying again. i didnt find it funny at first until michee mentioned that she laughed at that. and so, i laughed too after seeing the movie for the 2nd time!

next one on the list is..FOX AND THE HOUND.

THIS I CRIED LIKE WOAH. no matter how many times i watch it, i will always end up crying. (okay, maybe some of you dont find it sad or think its a kiddish movie) best friends who got separated. *sniffs* typing this makes me wanna cry too. trust me, this kiddy movie is awesome. *thumbs up* btw, there's gonna be fox and the hound 2! woooots!


WHAAAT? it is sad. and besides, its a really really good movie. at first, i dont really like it. who knows it turns out so well. i think the old greasy truck is cute. :D

and the rest im really lazy to define it so i'll just list them out.

oh btw, i cry really easily when i watch sad movies on the big screen. its sorta wider and real-er. that's why.

open season.
kungfu panda.
i not stupid two.
meet the robinsons(this one i think it cried or maybe i just "aww?")
pirates of the caribbean 3 (when orlando bloom died)

and i cant remember that's all. i know mostly are cartoons i cried over but hey, they got this sentimental approach okay!

im sorta weird too. like ghosts movies, i would laugh at them. so any ghost movies that can make me frightened or scream must be an excellento movie. trust me. ;) LOL. i remember i used maria's camera to take pictures of ghost scenes from a movie in sabena's house and then her camera cannot be opened! :O choi choi *touch wood*

i dont really have much to blog about so till here then.

note to self: exams coming in one week plus! eeekkk! however, earlier the better. just think of *coughs**coughs*

*smiles discreetly to self*

before i go,

yep, this is edited. does my nose looks smaller now? ^^

i love my eyelashes in here(prasan i know) ! ;)

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