Monday, August 18, 2008


my mum is finally letting me do braces :D well, maybe..OR MAYBE NOT.

i examined my teeth right after she mentioned that and prolly, maybe six tooth will be plucked out? or four? :X

ouch! but, hey, i think braces are coool! just imagine the different colours you get to choose from? nice teeth in the end? hmm, in short, i just cant wait to have braces! LOL. oh, when im at the dentist, maybe i can ask the mr dentist to do some teeth-whitening surgery thingo for me? yes, that will do.

and all of this is gonna happen right after pmb ends. *sigh*

till then, IM NOT SURE WHETHER I WILL HAVE braces. so please please dont go "i thought you gonna have braces? cheating leh"

i really hate those kind of comments. it gets on my nerves.

oh yeah, i think i broke vincent's bag. :( felt bad. or maybe it aint me?

damn, i have mentioned "maybe" in like every sentence.

anyway, pictures taken in miri!

again, nice light effect!

moments like this are hard to capture...

i really like this dress :D sadly, i dint bought it. really keen on dresses nowadays!


can you see hoopy?

now you can see hoopy!

mocks will be starting tomoro!

and i havent EVEN EVEN STUDY FINISH all my subjects! argghhhhh super stressed.

my computer marks will surely be a bummer. -__-

due to mocks, i wont be using the computer from tomoro which is 19th august-27 august. after 8 or maybe 9 days, i will be back with a new skin! promised. :) no more pinkyness! trust me.

till here then! BYE BYE!

and good luck to all of you guys for your mocks!

btw, have you guys heard the song, the man who can't be moved sang by the script? its super super NICE! LISTEN TO IT! :D search for it! guarantee you will love it. or if you dont, then shut up. dont go yakity yak non-stop. nothing irritates me more than people dissing the stuffs i love.

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