Thursday, August 28, 2008

FINALLLY! freedom.

HELLLOOO! its been like so long since i blogged yeh? what's happening lately in my life?

MOCKS ARE OVER! *WOOOOOOTS!* well, not exactly over, there's still pmb, but for the time being, let me rest. :) really hectic this few days. *sigh* let me explain:

1] Practicing lots of last minute studying which is bad
2] sleeping really late which results in a farm being developed on my forehead (some should get it)
3] orals! *gasp*

the orals were okay. the “testers” were very kind indeed. oh yeah, for exams, SCREW MATHS! I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS never manage to finish maths 1 on time. -___- never. they should give us students at least maybe 2 hours? for double calculation and checking.

almost most of them didn’t do finish. almost. some did. well, lucky them and poor me. like almost more than ten questions i simply do? and in the exam hall, seriously, why do some jobless people just love making noise? like for example:

1] using their pens to hit their chins? very itchy isit? go use your fingers to scratch it then, whats the use of your fingers huh? or is it trying to beautify yourself? dude, seriously, go do some surgery first. USING A PEN IS LIKE *tick* *tick* *tick* and imagine – you are doing some hard calculations then that annoying sound goes through your mind. don’t tell me it’s a minor case. to me, its MURDER.

2] tapping their feets. HELLPPPP ME! these people are fans of happy feet.

3] dancing. lovely. just what we need- a break.

4] pressing the calculators pads for fun continuously. such itchy hands they have.

for those people who keep sniffing and coughing, I rest my case. since its not like you can help it right? I used to hate it until I got the sniffles. guess that’s karma.

lilian! *hits self* exams are like over, so, be happy now, no more whining around about it! lets move on to the more happier stuffs okay?

anyway, im back with a new skin as I promised! no more pinkness. this skin is ultra-simple. not much effort put it. I have this great idea of a skin I’ve wanted to made so long, but I have been searching the whole afternoon, results, no pictures. disgusting. I searched for “beach” and then out come some manga girls in these really big boobs and all. EW.

imagine if I use that for my skin header? woah. :P many porny people can come and view for free. HAHAHA. JK.

back to the skin, about this skin, yes, I know it resembles one of my older skin. very same indeed. the more I look at this skin, I would think..of this. “ what is this thing?” not getting any sympathy okay, just trying to let out my feelings. *sighs*


:( perhaps, after pmb, a much better skin? trust me, this is not one of my favourite skins, but guess this will do. afterall, I did do it myself didn’t i?

not being prasan and all, BUUUUUTTTTT…………………

its okay. lilian, its okay.

I sound emo. NO, I AINT. not now.

moving on, today, as usual, I was waiting outside my piano school waiting for my dad to pick me up. while waiting, I fantasized about “someone” and then laughed secretly to myself. a woman and her daughter passed by. the woman was very shocked with a “O.O” look. must be thinking im crazy. lol.

oh, and the Olympics are over. awwww. no more seeing Michael phelps! :( some of you may not like him or whatsoever, just keep it to yourself okay? don’t tell me cause I cant do anything about it.

LONG POST. oooooooooooo, I like long posts. I like typing. (like an idiot)

I will stop here then. will have plenty of time to blog. YEAAPY! maybe tomoro I can blog about something else instead of my LIFE.

till here then! CIAO!

violence just creates more violence. –try to say it with an Indian slang. I find it hilarious. maybe you don’t. OH FINE. :P

NOT BEING MEAN HERE. psst, vinesh, try saying it.

no pictures up now. empty.

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