Thursday, July 31, 2008

you just dont understand.


*gives a long sigh*

nothing much these few days, just that..

1] im craving for macaroni!

2] i ate pizza! ^^ and lasagna! (its almost the same as macaroni right? both have cheese in it!)

3] i want HOOOOOODIIIEEEEEESSSS so badly and also new shoes!

4] i miss playing harvest moon. :(

oh yeah,

observation: guys who do the sissy run while holding plastic bags and smiling non-stop.

on the way home in the car,i saw one particular guy running with plastic bags in his hands while smiling, NOT TO MENTION the way he run was a bit...sissy. just imagine a sissy guy running okay. sissy running is sorta like a bit of feminism added with a lil skipping here and there. YES! that's the sissy RUN! see what i mean by that? I LAUGHED LIKE HELL WHEN i saw that guy run like that!

i actually wanna take a picture of him but then, it might be offensive so yeah. you know the drill.

he's a grown man btw. handsome? not at all. out of ten, i'd rate him 3.5. in my rating system, guys who are above 5 are consider ok looking already. below that, *coughs* i dont know?

and guess the time now. its 12 in the morning! WOWW! i havent even sleep yet! WOWW! and on a school day again! i dont even have the time to blog nowadays. very very busy. my mum wont let me use the computer. thank goodness for computer project so i can go online. secretly of course!

my mum prolly knows im using it, its just that she doesnt wanna say it out. to avoid conflict. :p

btw, NEXT MONTH is my blog's birthday! three years old! :) but then, remember i shared a blog with michee and maria? i didnt blog in here for three months, so yea, have to wait another three months, then finally i can celebrate my blog's birthday. lol.


another awesome blogger!


he hasnt blog much and most of his entries are short, but judging by his english, i'd say he will be an awesome blogger soon! GO ON AND click on his link!

omg vinesh, i dont know why, but i keep laughing when i was reading your blog. AND LASTLY, I LOVE YOUR BLOG NAME! ITS SO CUTE. you prasan person, call urself vinny. that's for vincent! >:( no wonder i always mistake vincent for you!

till here then! (the date is suppose to be thursday)

im so bored with my skin already. i need a new skin. which i will prolly make after mocks. :S

if only you could just make it last longer...

wanna make me happy instantly? discuss about my posts with me. :D

OH FUCK I AM SO PISSED RIGHT NOW. i hate it HATE IT HATE IT when people ask me to intro in fs! then when i say i already write it in my profile, they reply back im so lazy, then will become fatty, then not leng lui! LIKE I FUCK CARE!

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