Monday, July 07, 2008


WAHAHAHAHA! MY AUNTIE FINALLY FOUND AND BOUGHT ME THE BAG i wanted so badly! HOHO! it has nice makeup pictures on it! exactly just how i wanted it to look like.

nah, nothing much. just wanna update my blog. thankfully my mum was checking her mail and stuffs so i am able to sneak in a lil time to blog.


dont worry, im not that wild.

till here! short post i know! i'll blog longer when i have more time or stuffs to blog. lately, life's been tiring. dont ask. its mostly about mocks, mocks EXAMS PMB! I CANT WAIT FOR EXAMS OR PMB TO be over! DAMN, like after that life is gonna be sooooo great.

i feel bad today. i didnt study at ALL. am i gonna handle this all? :(

i wanna feel the love tonight!


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