Sunday, July 27, 2008

will you be my ali baba?


HAHAHAHA. i was really busy these few days. i have to do finish my computer project, study, study, study AND STUDY. oh yeah, you know what's the worst thing that happens when you use LOGO?

oooooh. yes. if you do one single ERROR. it can never be undo. you have to RESTART and do the whole thing AGAIN.

made that error like a few times, and urgh. seriously, this can kill me. its like when you get mad, then you just grab a handful of your hair and pull it..LOL. yep. that's killing me. i think i pulled out a numerous of them, enough to make a wig. (over) but i reminded myself, its only 5 marks, not worth the hassle so yeah. :)

However, im done with the comp project. :D

okay. lets move on..

you know there are lots of cooking shows in A.F.C? (asian food channel, yes i watch that, mind you, you would too if you were hungry)

i prefer to watch the singapore type one. the one with the hosts introducing cheap cheap food and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they are BIG. as in filling. full. now, compared to those expensive restaurants which are simply expensive, and not filling at all(small portions).

as in...maybe they just fry a small sausage cut into half and decorate it with prunes? and marinate it with gravy or any other fancy sauce. i ask you, is that filling enough for you? enough for your tastebuds? to me, not at all.

anyway, that's not the main topic im discussing about...the main one is, i simply cannot stand CHEFS who keep talking and talking and talking non-stop while preparing the food. whats with the chit-chat? boring again the way they speak.

my dad hates it too. HI-5! hey, when they keep speaking their saliva could come out and land on the food they are preparing. unhygenic! well, if they dont speak and correct us, we wont know how to cook them right? so, its better for them to continue speaking while preparing the dishes. as long as they dont speak like the host in the Hawaii Cooks or something. (im so mean)

hope no one recognize him. :p

and, i hate male models with long wavy hair. EWH. i know, i know, some girls like it because that long cute wavy hair makes a guy looks sexy and irresistible. *coughs* the only thing i know is i hope i wont mistake him from a girl.

lilian: hey! hey! nice hair, where did you cut it girl?
guy: *glares and walk away*
lilian: O______O

:O i just remembered i said, less bitching about people posts. but since i haven't blogged about it for a few days, guess it wont do any harm to blog about it now. :D

heh heh heh. i love blogging about these stuffs. it sounds mean and all, but im not referring it to anyone right? its just my opinion. and i believe, everyone has their own way of thinking how this should be like and that? everyone's opinions are different and not all have to be the same. dont get mad just cause someone's not thinking the same way as you do.

its pretty late now and i have to wake up early tomoro again to print out my projects and all. URGH! *stretches arms*
oh, before i end this post,


SEE YOUR FACE RACHEL? AHAHAHAHAH! its small alright. hurm. this was taken when we were in form 1, cleaning campaign. beautiful memories. :) that can never be replaced.

YOU'RE 15 NOW! just like me, while the others(maria and michee) are still 14. :P we're big sisters looking after them. anyway, good luck in everything you do yeah? and oh yeah, we're gonna see each other soon. wont be long. ;)

till here then. ciao.

will you be my ali baba?

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