Thursday, July 17, 2008

vacation x)


im so bored..i keep on thinking where i'll be going when pmb's over..sorta like planning my vacation. only me and my grandma. :)

gimme some places! opinions or whatever! Just not those places which are *coughs* unclean and un-livingable and also not to far from brunei. the best choice would be a place which is nice to visit, have good food, shopping malls, clean, modern, people who are nice and polite and the most important thing of all...


my first choice would be...singapore. HAHAHA. or KL.

well, it is not that expensive. okay okay nia. plus they have really nice shopping malls there too!

i do wanna go CALIFORNIA! LA! BUTTT..i think its the winter season that time. i think LA would look nicer during summer. gosh. hot babes walking around with their bikinis and hot guys driving convertibles, lil kids chasing the icecream trucks *dreams* dreams* AND JONAS BROTHERS LIVE THERE! JOE *drooools*

everytime i see the commercial for camp rock or joe's face, i would drool. seriously, how could any girl resist joe? HE IS SO HOT.



that's the disadvantage. and not to mention bloody expensive too. and who wants to go there for summer kan? since brunei is like 24 hours summer time and of course, we wanna get away from this heat exposure..


yes..i did mention about going canada this year..but *gives a long long sigh*

i wont be going this year.


i dont even wanna say the reason. THIS IS JUST SO DISSAPOINTING. you feel so excited about going to this particular place...flipped through the mags to see those beautiful winter pictures, discussed with your friends, thinking what to wear, how will christmas be like there, shopping (that's what i did okay) and then..tan tan tan.


over just like that. *burst out crying* I NEVER IMAGINED THIS TO HAPPPEEEEEN!!! IM SO BLOOODY BLOODY SAD BECAUSE OF THIS. this makes my day just worse. i wont be discussing about this anymore. or planning my vacation now. i will plan it in september or something. i dont wanna get dissapointed again.

its like a father promising a little girl lollipop and in the end, she didnt get any. how sad.

a change of topic then. BTW, Do you know some stuffs people say are just plain CRAP.

here are some examples.

"I never cried before."



even as baby? after you come out from ur mama's *you know*?!? WAHSEH! then you must be some super baby who can resist breathing for your whole (who knows how old are you) YEARS! one particular girl told me she never cried before. eh lah. i will go and shave her bloody hair and see she will cry onot! or maybe punch her balloons and see her waste her tears. gosh. she will thank me for making her cry. the first person to ever make her cry. (A)


"i think cartoons are childish. i never liked watching them."

this is...HEARTBREAKING! i love watching cartoons, even if im 15 now! still, what's wrong with cartoons? courage is nice. :D THOSE who never watch cartoon (an exception for those who cannot afford to have that channel or live in a place where there are no tvs) are fake fake fake! AND LIE LIE LIE! i cant explain this because im sure there are some people who never liked cartoons.

"i never read books"

*slaps head* SCHOOL BOOKS nei? i noticed soooooo many people in friendster putting this. "books sucks. never read"

gosh. then HOW come you know how to type in "i never read books?" because when you are still in KINDY, your kindy teacher taught you how to write that! OR must have a hard time looking for words in a dictionary. tsk.

oh also. i cant stand primary little kids saying this.

"i love you forever." to their girlfriends.

that is so immature.

okay. end of topic. i know, im being so bitchy and all. i will try to reduce it okay. :) my next posts are gonna be cheerful happy happy!


*sniffs* why so many people dont like pink?

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