Friday, July 25, 2008

traffic popsicles!

greeen, blue and red! three shots which i took using my mama's phone. traffic popsicles! dont mind me. i just like that word.


looks stupid :p

got this from jaywen, TAN TAN! maria, me and darren! just chilling yeah.

yes, these are just some of the vain pictures i took these few days. there are still MORE, but i dont really wanna share it with you guys tho. :p

ahh, updates in my life.

we had orals two days ago. i sucked in malay orals. *pulls face* i forgot my ic no, forgot to give my i.c card in a proper way...said "err.." too much. at least english was fine. whew.

btw, just now in school, there was this teacher, who nearly tripped over my chair(which im using to wriggle it from left to right), and blamed me and said, "next time, sit properly". -______-

when i was discussing about this with michee and i said, "she fall down herself still blame me!" quite loud. so SHE QUICKLY FIND AN EXCUSE and ask me to stand up. geng man her! craving for so many foodstuffs lately! like...

lemonade with choco! i know this mix sounds funny..but who knows? it might be a favourite around the world someday. havent tasted any tho. longing for it...urghh...*rubs tummy*

KFC cheesy wedges!
i just had some of it *sniffs* without cheeessseeee! WITH IT TASTES SOOO MUCH BETTER. oooo! those yummy wedges served with warm sticky yummy lip-smacking cheese! one bite of those wedges smothered with cheese tastes like HEAVEN.

and lastly,

Pizza and bolognaise spagetti! (grabs the pizza hut menu)
oh my....this is my weakness, just wave any slice of pizza to me and i will just land on my knees and beg you for just one bite! (okay, too over) i want it from pizza hut tho. :) im a picky eater. i dont like garlics(ugh), parsley and some certain onions.

now im hungry. ~.~ i'll go cook some maggi.
till here! ciaos!

see what i mean by less-bitching about people posts? awesome. selfish bitch.

the little star that never fails to shine...
is you, yourself and noone else. (:

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