Saturday, July 05, 2008


parsley sucks.

oh! i was reading this "particular" person's friendster comments and LOL LOL LOL I HATE WHAT THAT PERSON SENT HER I MEAN AS IF AS IF WHAT those people mention are true! *chokes self*

her and her irritating lips and eyes.

i loss my appetite these few days. cant eat well enough which will result in losing all those precious kilos..

i watched spiderman 3 just now, and was so sad to found out Harry(James Franco) died! His face- so sad. such a handsome man. :(

i wish i can work.

my mum wont stash the keyboard and mouse in a least obvious place. somehow or so, i always manage to find it and end up using it thus lack of concentration in studies.

mummy didnt teach me maths today. but instead, she asked me to study form 1 geography.

i missed a LOT of episodes of gossip girl.

its a friday night and there are no nice movies to watch.

but to make things better, my aunt's buying a bag for me from KL! :DDD

BTW, HAVE YOU WATCHED THE RIBENA COMMERCIAL? the one with the lemon cartoon being lonely and then end up falling in love with the RIBENA GUY?

i have seen it several times actually, but only now i find it funny. its overdramatic. anyone rmb the cantonese mooncake commercial? ;)

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