Friday, July 04, 2008


HAPPY FIFTEEN TO MYSELF :p i made that yesterday! lol

donuts they gave me ^^ chocolate is maria, pink is michee, vanilla is sabena and the other probly esther.

i only ate one tho which is the raspberry one! AND IT TASTED GRRRRRREAAAT! i havent eaten the rest, prolly tomoro. i kept on telling my parents never to eat the PINK AND CHOCOLATE ONE..HAHA get it?

my cake! it looks the SAME like my brother's one except mine is PINK in colour! :D its strawberry. i prefer corn flavoured tho. my mum's moood is super nice today, prolly cause her daughter has grown up! well, mature. *coughs*

one cute little boy from my piano school has the same birthday date as me! happy birthday, BOY! he's super cute! when i was playing my songs, he kept on peeking in. so cute lah!

oh, we went to eat dinner later! BUFFET! i super hate it when suddenly a kid screams or cry like hell in a restaurant. and the family dont bother to stop that particular kid from crying. like yeeeesh! BEH paiseh meh?

and that stupid male waiter was so rude to my brother JUST cause he's a kid. my bro asked whether there was banana flavoured icecream and he was like, "dont have" with that "irritated tune". say nicely CANNOT is it? we are paying customers you idiot-only-know-how-to-take-your salary-worker! whatever he is.

as you can see, this is taken in the toilet.

i ate so little today! only like three plates which IS NOT GOOOOOOOOD! and plus, everytime after i eat, the worst habit i do is going to the toilet to poo! i mean what's the point of eating all the glorious food and poo it out? its so sad.

OH OH OH SOMETHING SERIOUSLY EMBARASSING HAPPENED IN THE TOILET THAT TIME. i was like playing with my phone then suddenly the door opened and a man came in. i was in shock at first and i even OPENED MY MOUTH in an "o" shape! in my mind i was thinking, "shit, did he went to the wrong toilet? this is the girls one!"

OH HO HO! then turns out she's a girl. after i *coughs* looks down. turns out she has boobs! and she smiled again. OMG i bet she knew i thought she was a man! sorrrry! BUT SHE REALLY LOOKED LIKE ONE! the haircut, the clothes, scare the hell out of me! i cannot imagine the horror of me opening my mouth WHILE looking at her again. EYE CONTACT LAGI! -.- urgh. how embarassing. argh, lets just forget about this.

*sniffs* its 12 AM NOW! 2ND JULY IS OVER!

cant believe the fact that my birthday is over. it seems like its just this morning..and it has passed..BUT THEN CHEER UP! cause im older*coughs* mature, wiser and smarter! *smirks*

and thanks to my mummy for the chocolates! loves!

OMGGGG! haha, singapore people got view my blog :p EVEN AMERICA ALSO GOT KL ALSO! WOOOOOO. NEW YORK! :O i check from view my stats one lah. THAILANDDDDDD?

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