Sunday, July 20, 2008


now now, i know some of you may not like this girl..

but i have a confession to make! i really admire Ali Lohan! :D

OKAY. OKAY. THERE'S A LOOOT OF PEOPLE WHO HATES HER. i was reading the comments from a particular fan web and here they are. the nasty comments.

nasty comment no1.

she sounds horrible
she cant sing .
her sister even sounds better than her. & i agree with the first post.

nasty comment no2.

Your sister was big!
Not you !
You cant be famous just because your sister is so stop!
My ears beg you!

at least there are still some girls out there who like her. ;) like me! Well, i just think she's hot and pretty. maybe you dont think she is. so if you dont agree with me, its okay to tell me. i wont get mad at this.

but if its the jonas brothers. *looks around* HOW CAN YOU HATE THEM? they are SO FANTASTIC! and their songs are awesome! altho kevin is the really not good looking one *coughs*

you can always choose from joe or nick or frankie! HEHEHE.

anyway, im really tired now. just came back from dinner. AN ALL YOU CAN EAT! I just love those offers that are cheap at the same time, but provide great food. the service sucked tho. just hate the way those waitresses glare at people.

at the restaurant!

and tomoro, will be going for the line up! gonna shake hands with the sultan! LOL actually, if there wasnt any food, i wouldnt be going at all. but then mr tiong mentioned that we can have both lunch and breakfast...wooots! this bring music to my ears!

ahh, have to wake up at 6.00am tomoro and its now *coughs* 12.53 AM?!? ARGHHHHH!


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