Sunday, July 20, 2008

my battery is recharged :)

just woke up from my nap and felt soooo RECHARGED. im like a battery, when my battery's low, im tired and then when its full,im energized. *sighs*

went for the line-up and hoooo, it was super BLAZING! The sun IS SUPER STRONG! just hope i wont get darker again! :)

I SHOOK HANDS WITH THE SULTAN! and the crown prince and his brother and someone else(i dont remember)

i was nervous! first time okay! last time, i dont bother to shook hands with them. well, partly because a lot of girls were pushing me aside so they can have my spot. esh! *roll eyes*

but this time, i got the best spot of all! i wonder if im being filmed! LOL LOL LOL

one best thing about the line up is....*coughs* tricks we played on other people. the tricks were AWESOME! only someone as devious as me can play that trick! too bad i cant mention it here. :( and oh dont forget, im absolutely clever in framing people, *sleazy smile* as michee said. SO BEWARE.....

anyway, pictures then.

me, michee and maria! my head is so big here. YEEEEESHHHH!

the buffet! courtesy of michee for taking this. :) now, this picture looks very normal and all, but check this out...

JASLYN! HAHAHAHA okay. nevermind..

UMBRELLA! michee's one!

doesnt michee look like those victorian ladies with those fancy hats?

my eyes were closed. nyehh~

my cousin is so kepo man.

fyi: kepo means busybody.

you can pronounce it as KAYPO.

everything i do, he intrudes, everything! LIKE ALMOST EVERYTHING! its blooody irritating. -__- in case you guys wanna know, he said jason is very ugly. FECK MAN! bring on the anger!

kepo people = i hate. but then, im kepo too. THIS IS FOR THE EXTREME KEPO PEOPLE! those that like to intrude in almost everything.

for example: so what underwear colour are you wearing today? (okay, that is too over)

or how about "who is that?" "who is this?" when they view your blog or someone's elses. then if its a guy's/girl's picture, then suddenly that person say out loud, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHO IS THIS?" in those sweeeet tune. which is rather annoying.

OOPS! I just remembered i blogged about less "bad bitching about people" posts! i will close this case now and let it settle in peace.

anyway, gtg now! im gonna go and buy new shoes! apparently, my current shoes have been torn apart. sigh.


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