Friday, July 11, 2008

im hot and you're cold.

yessssssss, a new skin again. i hope this skin works in both mozilla and IE. IF NOT, i will have to change it again. and changing a skin requires so many many steps. urgh. if really this doesnt work in either of those webbies, im gonna get a skin from

*sniffs* i feeeel so sad. i loved my animated skin so much. and turns out it doesnt work in mozilla. :( I PUT IN so much effort in it. sigh. about this skin, im too lazy to describe. hope you guys like it! btw, i tried to create a skin yesterday and i almost end up banging my head onto the table. i dont have inspiration! ITS LIKE, you try to create a skin but the inspiration thingy is not with you. it doesnt click in.

at least im done with my now skin. how do you like the icon? ^^

ANYWAYYY, EXAMS ARE COMINGGGG! *panic* *panic* AND I havent even study a single thing! wait! only geo! BUT STILLL! im gonna start studying starting from today. i promise. (A)

and on saturday, im going to miri to visit my aunt who's from canada! she recently came back. gosh! cant wait. speaking of canada, IM SO GOING THERE AFTER PMB! im serious! i will prolly go there for about two months. :D oooooooo! all i can think of is..SHOPPING in canada=big malls!

and not to mention WINTER! i have never been to a cold country before! in my whole 15 years, finally im gonna see and even feel how winter seems like there!

just a few more months till pmb ends! 4 MORE MONTHS THEN WOOOOOOTS! IM off to canada yo! actually, after form 3, my dad wants me to continue my studies in canada! ALONE. i go there alone. well, living with my aunt. i was already imagining how school will be like there. oooooooo, angmoh friends! HAHAHA! WHAT! IM still young wa, still fascinated with lots of stuffs.

sadly, my mum didnt let me go canada to study after form 3. yeeeeeeeeeeeesh! and she made me imagine how school shall be like, 4 seasons, my new angmo friends, etc...

WAKE UP LILIAN!!! *slaps self*

use common sense, see, if i study in canada after form 3, imagine, how can i catch up with them? the english there is different than the english we use here. and not to mention, NO FRIENDS. reaching there *bbbrrrr*

SOOOOO, decided. go canada for fun, but after form5, go australia. or maybe canada to study. who knows where i'll be going. my mum's arranging all this "adult" stuffs for me. so i better do my part, and study hard and get good results for PMB!

its a lil too early to talk about this uni stuffs and all. but hey, i'm a girl. girls have loadsa stuffs to talk about unlike guys. all they can talk about is prolly GAMES GAMES GAMES or other than that...i dont think i should say it here.

till here then. its late. 1 something in the morning.

(the date is supposed to be 11th of july)

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