Thursday, July 03, 2008

IM 15! ^^

HELLLLOOO! as you know, im turning one year older today! IT FEELS the same. well, sorta normal but happy. :D

OH. IM FIFTEEN! ONE FIVE! 15! feeling older by now. maria called me "grandma"! T.T hahahaha, but i find it funny tho. hey maria, I.N.T.M? india's next top model? who would like to apply?

okay, back to the topic, i would like to thank EVERYONE WHO wished me happy birthday! ^^ it just makes ME FEEL GREAT! thanks darlings! even tho, some people who dont remember my bday, at least they wished me after they knew, not like some people who knew already but never even bother to wish!

esh! must relax today, cannot get mad! today's my birthday after all!


since *coughs* im fifteen, i would like to announce some habits which i really need to change about myself! older means responsibility and lots more adult stuffs. urgh! and also, three more years then baru i can drive in brunei. in malaysia, we can drive if we are 18 and ride motorcycle when we are 16! that's so coool.

okay. habits i really need to change.

no.1 : LILIAN must not always think negative.

yes. im a pessimist. i should learn to be more of an optimistic. i like to think this and that, and what if something turns out wrong, sometimes they turn out as what i expected, some turns out great! AND seriously, if my crush glance at my friends i would think he like them. SEE?!? how dumb of me. WELL..maybe they do..

no.2 : SHYNESS!

this one need not be explained.

no.3 : talk less during schooltime AND must never ever EVER ignore teachers! :O

I IGNORED my maths teacher. i feel so mean! *gasps* i dont think i will ever talk less, its super hard to control! girls should know why, guys..hmm..guys who talk a lot..are well, weird. HAHA, TRUE BAH.

and i will never understand why guys think girls who keep looking at them = like them. yeeeesh! have you think of the other reasons why we keep on looking at you? perhaps its cause you keep looking first or either you're weird or funny looking. use common sense!


OH AND YOU know there's something i always wanted to do...

PUNCH A TEACHER'S FACE! any teachers are fine with me. when i was small, i used to stare at this particular teacher which really annoys me lots and there's imaginations going on in my mind telling me to punch her. i will see if i can do this. perhaps when im about to leave school. and if that fails, i shall punch my darling friends in the face! :D or a cat. HAHA. i will be in jail by then for abusing animals or elders.

okay. that's all.

pictures will be posted up by tonight! and thanks to my special darlings out there that made my day extra special, you guys know who you are. ;)

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