Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i miss my grandma!



i miss my grandma so well as my cousins, my aunt and lots more. yes, i havent been updating much because i went to miri this last few days. visiting my aunt who's from canada.


and i feel like banging my head to the wall now BECAUSE IM super stresss! there's so much to do! exams are coming, projects to be done, and tests, tests,TESTS! all i wanna do now, is go to the beach and chill out. or go shopping. HAHA. well, its not relaxing but its enjoyable.

anyway pictures! (i went to the beach! WOO HOO!)

i always always WANTED to do this kind of pose! its not a fake pose okay, i AM having fun. lol.

kids. :)

i was walking..apparently, this picture is a failed shot.

JUMPING JUMPING! its not high enough tho.

you can see that gorgeous sun behind me.

SAW MY HANDPRINTS on top of my name? like celebrity eh!

on the way to miri. and damn. my eye is one big one small. im sure you can see that.

and i finally completed my computer project. btw, what's the difference between complete and finish?

well, if you marry a good husband, you are complete, but if you marry a bad husband you are FINISHED! got this from my mama.

i feel the urge to bitch again.


i hate it. dont ask why.

no.2: guys who pose with teddies.

AWFUL OKAY. guys trying to act cute is SO DISGUSTING! ewh. a total turn off. and not to mention, kinda gay too! a lot of guys love taking pictures with those teddies. they make those innocent teddies suffer!

im feeling so sick now. my ears hurt as if there's something inside it, and im sleepy, my back hurts and I DONT WANNA go to schoool tomoro! im not keen of it. i rather stay home and sleep. yeeeesh. i hate the fact that school starts so early. really tiring lah.

yes yes yes. i keep on complaning and complaining about little stuffs but do bear with me. its gonna last soon anyway.
life sucks now. all i wanna do now is spend the rest of my life with my darling grandma.

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