Monday, July 07, 2008

how wicked!

i got back my results! yes, i know its quite late for me to get it back now but... *throws confetti*

i GOT POSITION NINE! :D with average 70! ngam ngam 70! oh gosh, i am so happy! in your face, those people who got lower than me! just kidding. just kidding. its not really high or anything, but at least i tried and my aim now is to get 5A1'S or more FOR PMB!

please dont say, "is that the best you can get?" because i really did try and even if you are smarter than ME in this, i can be smarter than you in other stuffs. ;)

anyway, yesterday, me, michee and maria went to darren teo's bdae party. well, not his party, he and his cousin's birthday party! AND gosh, the girls were lusting over D.T's cousin! *coughs* from canada leh! quite fair skinned, can speak both english and chinese fluently and etc( i will let michee and maria describe him). and doesnt mean im not lusting over him means i think he aint good looking or all okay! im just trying to concentrate in my studies. its great to lust over someone once a while. a healthy thing.


vincent, me, and maria! she must be like the only girl person i know who plays violent games! ITS NOT UNLADYLIKE its COOOOOL!

jaywen, michee and lilian

we are all worrying about the global warming thingy thats prolly gonna melt the icicles in northpole or southpole and bring in a tidal wave to those people who are living near there *coughs* canada(you know whats gonna happen)! HAHA CHOI CHOI CHOI *touch wood*

and mr bruce here is still EATING MEAT!! lamb meat to be exact. i eat meat too. (A) BUT what BRUCE EAT is LAMB MEAT! i eat chicken meat thats different! how could bruce be so cruel to eat something that is super cute?

jaywen! HAHA such a random picture! i think she was looking at something and was fascinated by it!

maria and jason! OH-LA-LA! the hot foreign import from canada!

HAHA i find this picture of him here really nice!

THIS ONE IS THE BEST! very mysterious!

group photo!

me with Pooh-Pooh! michee and maria gave it to me as a gift! THANKS! i LIKE IT VERY MUCH! i love rubbing my nose under its bum! hehs! adorable chubby little Pooh Pooh!

oh yeah, i was then playing this "type or die" game in d.t's computer. its sorta like you have to type the words shown on the screen to kill the monsters or zombies. and each time i type in a word, there's this really irritating small girl in red standing beside me who KEEP SAYING OR REPEATING THAT WORD SHOWN ON THE SCREEN!

i felt myself burning and wishing i could punch her! i should have just imagined her as one of the monsters in the game! :P she cant even pronounce it properly. like HAWAII.

we pronouced it as = ha-wai-e.

and she = HA-WAEE!

like -.- urgh! *slams her head to the wall*

but she's still a kid so yeah. i found dumbells in darren's room! trying to get muscles eh D.T? i bet his wish this year is to build up a few packs to attract some babes! HAHA. well. i think. when darren's out of the room, we invaded his stuffs! opened his closet and maria spotted some flowery-shirts! looks like those type that the pengiran's wear tho. and *clears throat* someone sniffed DT cousin's clothes! i wonder who?

well, it was definitely worth going to Darren's party. we had fun bashing up monsters and seeing cgs and EATING! YES. the food was excellent. especially the satay. damn, speaking of food, i wanna go and eat lunch now!

till here! and since mocks are coming, i wont be blogging that much. as usual.

and *sniffs* MY AUNTIE cannot find the bag i wanted so badly!

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