Saturday, July 12, 2008

how random

why do when we feel secure about ourselves then this particular someone just have to come and ruin that moment? why?

perphaps its because...they are insecure about themselves and critizising other people makes them feel much better.


this sounds random.

btw, try to right click now. maybe some of you know what it is already or whatever but do that again. i love right clicking. epsecially those that say,

"dont right click. "

then i right clicked again. (getting interested)

"i warned you"

then i right clicked again again. (even interested)

" you mada f*cka bla bla bla"

and a lot of pop ups suddenly appear..

then that's when i find it un-fun.


I'm slipping into the lava
And I can't keep from going under
Baby, you turn the temperature hotter
I'm burning up
Burning up
For you baby
I'm burning up
Burning up
For you baby

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