Tuesday, July 01, 2008

dont get the wrong idea!

actually, im not suppose to be blogging..its because:

1] my mum's gonna be back soon from work and if she sees what im doing now! :O
2] im not allowed to use computer only once a week(YEAH I KNOW I HAVE been mentioning this like for so many times)

i tell you seriously, when this boy and this girl talk non-stop together or laugh together very LOUDLY in class most of the time, DOESNT mean they will be together in twenty years or more. THIS only means that they can talk comfortably with each other. not meaning they will end up together. only talk partners.

~.~ esh!

i will bash those idiots who says I LIKE HIM.

AND :)

im gonna be older sooooooon..which is hmm..not quite pleasant but perhaps, not a bad feeling.

till here then!

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