Thursday, July 31, 2008

death fantasies.

today's topic of the day: where would you like to die ?

i know its not a really nice topic to discuss about, but hey, we're gonna face it someday anyway.

to tell the truth, i used to be afraid of death. as in after we die, you know, we're in the ground forever and never gonna be alive again to see the world change. how sad. sigh. now, im okay with it. people die, people live. that's life. maybe in ten years or so, there will be some sort of technology that preserve your body and then after that you can be alive again? as said by maria. lol.

speaking of maria, she was so DIZZY today, also michee too! both of them have a cold. i was the only one who deosnt have and i touched them! :O hopefully, i wont get infected. (A)

back to the topic about our death fantasies.

where would i like to die at?

my first choice of place is in the AMAZON FOREST! everybody asked why? why? some were, "like why the hell you wanna die there?" ESH! actually amazon forest was the one that gave me the inspiration for this topic! i love the mist/clouds floating on top of the forest. its gorgeous. i want my body(i must be dead already) to be carried on an aeroplane first, then when we reach the amazon forest, my family members mainly my son/daughter will carry my body and then throw it down into the forest. :)

HAHAHAHA! wacky kah? I SO MUST LAND IN THE FOREST and i mean exactly in the forest. not in the highway or whatsoever. Maria would like that! >:)

my second option is in the grasslands with those soft wispy grass moving left and right and blooming with those little tiny lavenders. OH MY. that is my ultimate fantasy place. but, still, amazon forest is not bad. ;)

this is my ultimate fantasy place. :)

i wanna know about other people's death fantasy places, so me and maria took turns asking people in our class.

here are their answers:

michee: church. (a classic option)
vincent and nick: beside their wives.
jaywen: on her husband's shoulders.
maria: under the sakura tree or a cherry blossom tree? especially in autumm where the leaves drop out from the trees. beautiful. like master oogway in kungfu panda. LOL.
bruce: on his bed ALONE or while having sex.
aaron soon: in front of his computer
haadi: with his high tech computer or watch? i dont remember.
esther: in a swimming pool?
rasyhidah: mount everest.

something like this maria? those sakura trees? beautiful ey?

based on those answers, i'd say some are really typical while some are extraordinary.

actually we dont even know when will we die and all, so if you know you're gonna die soon, tell your son/daughter your fantasies and let them fulfill it for you! simple! :D

but dont fret, everything's gonna be alright!


cause you will never know what happens tomorrow...

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