Tuesday, July 22, 2008

bluetooth game

Remember the game i said in my last post? the game me, michee and maria used to play to trick others?

well, mostly its me who's playing. mar and michee were just laughing and looking.

the game is called the "bluetooth game." (its an original game created by me, inspiration goes to michee's phone)

*coughs* let me explain this game to you.

first, you need a phone which has bluetooth. then, the most important thing, is to play outside a crowd. Line-ups would be a better choice. DO NOT play with strangers. play with those that you know who they are(like their names) but do not "KNOW" them yet. get what i mean? WAIT. PLAY IN LINE-UPS is the best ultimate choice. Go to your bluetooth settings and change your phone names to..

example: Hawaii girl / Boy zone / Bae Young Jun(sp) / Kev.Drake.Jonasbell

anything just as long as its not your own name. make it sound ridiculous and funny.

after everyone surrounding you is chilling out and playing with their phones/ listening to music, take out your phone and send any songs to anybody(make you sure you recognize their phone names). Im sure their bluetooth is on. ^^ guarantee! This is the best time for everyone to send songs to each other, pictures or blablabla. am i right?

Make sure you have a coverup. for example, an umbrella(perfect) or a book, bag anything. now, send "girly songs" to guys, and send "boyish songs" to girls. get what I MEAN? okay. like this person's phone name is "Lonely__girl ): " so you change your phone name to " Hottieboi boi " then send a song " I wanna love you- akon " to her. HAHAHAHA! CLEAR NOW?

Lastly, get ready your coverup and see her/his reaction. REMEMBER, their phone names must be familliar to you okay! TAN TAN TAN! im sure they will be looking around for those that are using phones and all. but hey, HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE USING THEIR PHONES DURING A LINEUP? Loads.

its fun to see those people looking around, showing their friends their phone and opening their mouth in an "O" shape with their eyes wide open. lol. try this game. you wont be bored. :)

anyway, i must say sorry to those people who i tricked or play with. i dont think they will read this post so..*whew*. (A)

actually, i tricked a teacher too. whoopsie! Its because his phonename is same as one of a guy i know. -__- and therefore, he was SHOCKED. indeed. some suspected me, some dont know. some are cool with it while some are scared. if i receive a song from someone i dont know, i will immediately reject it. problem solved.

try and play this game okay!

i started playing this game yesterday, when suddenly i saw "someone's name" in michee's bluetooth(the searching for something one). i was like, "you know him?" and she was like no. SO THEN, I HAD A WICKED IDEA. xD BWAHAHAHAHAHAA and so it goes on..

till here then! wanna have lunch now, and then watch courage and then study! :D

ps: if you're still dont understand this game, ask me.

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