Thursday, June 19, 2008

wedges are so cute! :D

ring a ding ding!

as stated from my previous post, i went out with michee and maria today! GOSH, i am so excited that i can see both of them that i didnt even get any sleep last night! SERIOUSLY. OH MAN, YOU GUYS MAKE ME EXCITED! HAHA!

we went to watch kungfu panda! it was good. *sniffs* i cried at some parts. i guess i can cry really easily watching movies. just like the transgender movie in HBO, i cried too. ITS SO SAD. i mean, this guy just cause he dresses like a girl,(and a really pretty one too) and you know, some guys did mistake her for a girl and ever get turned on by her, yeap and when they found out he was a guy, they beat him up for 5 hours, strangle and tied him up. this is inhuman. i know, YOU do get CRAZY if you found out your bf/gf is not what you expected them to be. but, seriously, this is outrageous. you cant blame them, they are born like that! luckily, for people who are born like that, its not a big sin. as maria said.

JUST respect them. now lemme say sorry now, cause i rmb i wrote some nasty words about them in my previous posts. im not sure whether i wrote that or not, but still, sorry!

so question of the day: how would you react and feel if your boyfriend is a girl and your girlfriend is a guy? will you listen to their explanations and still love them as always?

anyway, not being prasan, BUT i bought the movie tickets by my own! :O you guys must be like..

"-.- OH man. does this crazy girl ever end her crazy antics?"

im a very shy person, so doing this was really hard for me. and plus, usually the guys behind the cinema counter are well, you know..*coughs* good looking! at first, i was reluctant to do it, then thinking, michee and maria is counting on me! so *pride and glory* i marched on. they even asked me to not go to the cute one, go to the bida one! HAHA! HOW can you guys be so mean! JK. :p

then really got a good looking one. thank goodness he was busy. so i went to another guy. he's really friendly. :) but he keep on saying sorry when the cinema computer was jammed. i mean, not like im gonna bite you just cause you're delaying a few minutes of my time. or was it cause i was giving the "bu suang" look? i certainly did not!

pictures. darn, its like each post have pictures. i will try to lessen it okay? ;)

maria: yeesh! why wont those people >.> stop talking?!?

michee in yellow-mellowy!

i really need to post up a normal picture of me for once!

me likey this picture! i love that..thingy, its so colourful! :)

not really much pictures tho. not in the vain mood today~

my leg is killing me! urgh! hope it doesnt get "suan" like last time. i was like whining the whole night and guess what? nobody came in the room to see if i was okay. *sniffs*

and oh, yes, those pictures are edited. to make it brighter. dont worry, our faces are still the same. no changes.

ahems. for those who havent watched the incredible hulk....please continue reading.

the hulk dint die. but nearly.

HM. not a really good spoiler eh.

i wana go and watch a movie now. till here!

ps: michee, i scolded my bro for being rude to you in the phone yesterday. ;)

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