Sunday, June 29, 2008

my blogging days are gonna be less and less..:(

THE FAKE LILIAN JUST WONT STOP TAGGING! order to show you evidence that im the real lilian and the fake lilian IS FAKE..i present you this.

i am so happy to write this. :)

at your ass lah stupid 28 Jun 08 10:27

This one above me- check the ip address.

sabena] at first maybe yes, but after i saw what that faker has wrote, then CANNOT BE same name! 29 Jun 08 21:16

and this is mine. HOHO. completely different ip address! so, the "lilian" will you stop it?!? BEFORE I FUCKING BAN YOU from my tagboard.

Hmm...hw much u buy the game sims? where to buy? 28 Jun 08 08:36

at my ass? c`b kia. selfish. go market sell ur fish la. act pretty. PUIs. K`NN ASK U NICELY U LIKE TAT. FCUK OFF LA 29 Jun 08 09:31

OMG! i love this. apparently, there's passerby 1 and passerby 2. as calvin said, "passerby 2" have something in common with the fake "lilian." THEY are partners-in-crime. oh la la! i love it! THIS IS GETTING INTERESTING...

to passerby no 1 who asked about the sims: i bought it for $16 from bit computer.

im a bit confused whether passerby no1 and passerby no 2 has the same ip address cause the figures are almost the same!

to passerby no2, the fucker who called me selfish, AND ACT PRETTY? EH EH EH, i havent even posted up any pictures of myself before that! you go to my archives and see or scroll down to the bottom posts to see?!? So caring is it?

and if you dare spam or call me any nasty names, I SHALL LOCATE your address, trust me, i will :) AND DISPLAY IT HERE IN MY BLOG IN BIG CAPITAL RED COLOUR LETTERS! OH, and i will ban you too. IF YOURE SO JOBLESS AND have nothing to do, then go fuck yourself or whatever! SHEEEEEESH. dont put name somemore.

okay, done! so lets move on to happier stuffs.

yesterday i went to this gawai celebratation in chung hwa school. me, my brothers and my dad went there for free food! :p OH OH! MY DAD WON A PRIZE! LUCKY DRAW! HAHAHA THAT WAS SO FREAKING FUNNY.

he was like so shy and all and he complained that the guy he shook hands with kept on looking at his feet. checking out my dad's hot feet is it? LOL JKJK.

but so sad, the prize actually belonged to my father's friend who went home earlier. its not a very impressive prize tho, its a very tiny washing machine. but still, i can use that micro washing machine to wash my barbie dolls' clothes.

ENTERTAINMENT WAS SERIOUSLY BORING. like dead bored. they just simply goyang there goyang here, and there are guys who go "woo woo" doing the reallly annoying wolf whistling. at least the fat woman who was singing on the stage made me quite interested. by interested, i mean INTERESTED. ;) SHE WAS HILARIOUS. she was holding the microphone and doing some sexy dances by wiggling her bum and making sounds such as "ahhh" "ahh" "ohhh" lol

the old guys around my table was fascinated by her. mostly were opening their mouth wide like an "o" shape. some were smiling secretly to themselves. weird. i think her singing's quite good, its just that she's "big sized" well, she admit it herself and i think that's really nice and humble of her to do it. she doesnt care whether her body's big sized, shes proud of it cause its her body and God gave that body to her. oh, and her face's not bad.

im sounding so nice and good now. bleh. eventho entertainment was boring, the food was awesome. *thumbs up* its a buffet and i tell you, when you see people around your table start standing up, RUSH AND GET YOUR PLATES AND TAKE ALL THE FOOD YOU WANT! those people around my table are like hungry wolves! mostly they all go back for like so many times 4-5 times. and when the cola bottles are empty, they go get from another table, and from VIP one again!

so embarassing. thats why my mum didnt come. she hate my dad's friend. she classified them as "no-standard". THEY ARE! man, one guy sitting beside me. YUCK! he took off his slippers and then used his hands to like massage his feet i think. *barfs*

this kid is so chubby and cute :p he keep on eating and eating....and eating..and eating.

eh! that man knew my brother took his picture. he actually wanna take that guy at the left side, the one with the long stripes shirt. :P BUT NOT A BAD PICTURE. the red shirt dude's doing that expression because apparently, the big sized woman was singing on stage. hope he doesnt mind i post up this pic.

me! before going to the celebration thingy.

OH. i forgotten. have you seen my latest skin? YES. this skin. what do you think of it? PLEASE do give comments. i wanna know what you think! and its ANIMATED. ^^ I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF when i completed this skin. not being prasan, but i spent like 2 hours finding how to make the picture move.

the pic's from a sims 2 webbie. i find the clothes really cute so i took it. luckily, i credited her. so i hope its okay with her.

and i know my skin font is ALWAYS the same, the alignment IS ALWAYS the same. but nyeh, next time okay. btw, the reason i made this skin is because, tomoro school's starting and i cant blog that often! only can ONCE A WEEK AND IM SERIOUS.. but ill try to use my mum's phone and blog in very very short sentences perhaps like an update. for example:

" i am feeling very very happy today "

sounds boring. nyeh, anyway..its quite late now. about 12+ and im still online. ~.~ and besides, im pooped.

till here then!

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