Saturday, June 21, 2008

my 30 hates and loves(more to the likes) list

no explanations required. just read it and get it. ;)

10 reasons why i hate you.

1. you are an absolute bimbo, dumbo, emotional bitch, animal torturer, bully etc.
2. you disagree with everything i think or say.
3. you diss my likes.
4. you know i like Jonas Brothers and you still diss them (hmm, same as no.3 but anyway, this is big stuff!)
5. you blog in cacat-ed english or your blog's plain boring.
6. you hide away when you see me. (now, unless you have a very good reason why you avoid me)
7. you are not FUNNY at all.
8. WHEN i talk to you and you do this silly "big eyed" look

AFFIRMATIVE: i now find girls with HUGE eyes scary.

9. you look down upon my family and my friends.
10. BECAUSE i just hate you. :)

my 10 total turn offs in a guy.

1. they SMOKE, take drugs (an exception to those who are trying to quit)
2. smelly body adour
3. plain dumb
4. ACTING cool and ignoring me when im speaking to you.
5. guys who act-cute(it just looks weird on a guy, an exception for girls tho ^^v)
6. them wearing skinny jeans. AN EXCEPTION for JB.
7. they like playing hard-to-get.
8. guys who easily think girls like them just cos they think he's cute. (we say you are cute doesnt mean we like you. dont be so idiotic bah)
9. who do not joke
10. GUYS who wear EYELINER (even if it looks hot on you. it is still a no-no.)

10 things i hate.

1. food with garlics
2. hideous make up
3. high waisted pants, skirts, auntie sandals
4. spiders
5. towels as gifts
6. spammers or either tagboard fight
7. horrible songs with ghostly tunes and voices (dont those producers have ears? IF NOT nice, DONT show it to the world)
8. history
9. cheesy nick names. for example, blood angel? or Squirrel woman or perhaps, THE HULK? *slams head to the wall*
10. those horrible &^%# slang

10 reasons why i like you.

1. you are nice. :)
2. you understand my jokes.
3. its easy to chat or talk to you.
4. you compliment me
5. you have the same interests as me
6. you blog awesomely-in good english, funny or interesting entries. (i do have a list of who-i-like bloggers but hehs, they are mostly people who i dont BOO!)
7. you understand me or trusts me.
8. you correct me in a nice way when you know im wrong.
9. because i like you.
10. same as above.

10 things what i like about in a guy.

1. they have shiny eyes! *--* or the cutest smile EVER!
2. they can joke really good!
3. im comfy with them
4. their personality..just think..NICK jonas! he has the most awesomest personality ever! i really would like to know him. :D
5. they have a total-buff bod! *coughs* (which girl wouldnt want their bfs to be fit and muscular looking?guys need to protect girls y'know)
6. manly-rough voice (not like that *coughs* one, right michee?)
7. guys who know when to be gentleman-ly and laid back at the right time.
8. they have teddies! HAHA. aww. such a softie
9. guys who are willing to share their problems or ambitions with me
10. i just have that i-like-you feeling.

as nick jonas said, "I don't really have a type. I think when you create a specific, type it kind of messes with everything. Like if you say, 'I only date this type of person,' then that one person's going to come along that'll change all of that and you're not going to be to able to accept it. You could have missed a good opportunity."

10 things i love.

1. milk chocolates
2. cute printed bags
3. blushers
4. CATS! (wait, cats are not things but..ahh, nvm!)
5. my comfy bed
6. sushi and including any kind of nice food
7.romance flicks
8. playing sims2!
9. romantic music that puts me in the mood for fantasizing
10. *coughs* who else? family and friends! :D

LIKE, finally im done. YES, i know..its long, but if you managed to read until here, give yourself a woot-ing! there's still more actually, but im just lazy to list them. ~.~

anyway, pretty tired now. guess the time. *yawns* and i wanna wake up early tomoro to watch my fav romance flick!

AND just now, something bad happen. i fell down from the bicycle. im so overconfident that i can cycle over that sidewalk and then i just fell off from the bicycle and i scratched my knee skin! it hurts real bad. one thing tho, i was cycling at night. ;) dont ask why. i do that when im feeling down. and also, yes, i did scream, mind you, you'd too if you were me.

if you dont believe it hurts that much, try getting some sorta sharp stuff and slice off a skin from one of your body parts. anywhere is okay with me.

im currently in pain and could use some sleep now, so till here. bye!

-nope, no pictures. sorry!

and if you do disagree or dont get what i wrote up there, do tell me. i shall explain it to you. or you can explain it to me. spam? No-no, just get the hell out of here then.

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