Wednesday, June 18, 2008

maybe i shall dream on...


first of all, i dont have anything to blog about. even if i have, its my daily life. but, i shall continue on. :)

today, i've been mistaken for a thief AGAIN. well, not me, but my little brother. they may call me the "thief's sister". it started when me and my family were shopping in hua ho, there was this small gerai that sell books. my little bro, being the brother who loves books, went there and do his window shopping as usual. so we left him alone and went to huaho. then he suddenly came in to huaho with this abc book in his hand. my dad was like :O PUT IT BACK! after a few arguments, i decided to bring the book back to the indian man. BLARDY HELL! i have to smile at him again. I HATE IT!

seriously, i have been noticing that indian guy, and i really dont like him. its a first impression thing. like or dislike and my mind tells me i dislike him. this has nothing to do with racism.

anyway, lately, i really have this feeling that i wanna dye my hair. into brown! at least dark brown. or cocoa brown. :D i do like my black hair(not being prasan) because its my natural colour,but yet, im bored with the colour. and dyeing your hair needs $$. the none $$ method is to stand in the sun everyday and let it turn to brown automatically. IT HAS BENEFITS! you can even get a hot tan to look like Jessica Alba! ;)

you will never get caught by the councillors.
you will have nice black silky hair.

wearing black shirts make it difficult for your hair to be seen.(unless you tie your hair)
dandruff can be seen easily.

and the biggest disadvantage when you dye your hair into a different colour is, your natural eyebrow colour will look different than your new hair colour. imagine perhaps, blonde hair with black eyebrows? you will look like a..half man half woman. i think. URGHHH!

i shall discuss this with my mum next time, after pmb. lots of stuffs to do after pmb! no 1 must do! SLAUGHTER EVERYONE I HATE! HAHAHA! JUST KIDDING.


still attempting to do cross-eyed without my finger but failed. (hey, i know you have seen my wear that shirt like a zillion times but its my fav house shirt so yeah. get it.) ;)

hmm, i'll stick to using a finger but in a different pose. ;)

and finally, im going out with maria and michee tomoro! LIKE YEAHH! staying at home is like bummer man. YEAY TO SUNSHINE! and thanks to my mum for letting me free today from mathology! love ya!

and michee's back! *throws confetti*

so does your new friend. ;)

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