Tuesday, June 03, 2008


EDheya! havent been updating much. NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT! this always seems to be the reason aint it?

anyway, i've been ravished by beautiful gorgeous fantastico brands! for example, Armani, Dior, Fendi, Prada and CK and lastly, GUCCI! Gucci sounds so classy. maybe i should name my son gucci! OOPS, daughter! I dont think my son will like the name Gucci. but i will name him Armani! LOL

and can you imagine your names on popular stuffs? in the future, can you see my name "Lilian" on perfume bottles? HAHA! i guess not. i did see my name on some kind of stuff..which sucks. i rather not tell you what "stuff" it is.

off to those expensive brands..

TA DA! I think this is guess by marciano. I THINK. im not sure. HANDBAGS!

have i told you ive been obsessed by some sort of sexy comfy warm sandals?

well..here it is....



NOT. i dont understand why some people like these kind of shoes. well, sorry if i offended anyone who are big fan of these sandals. they look very old bah. and cheap. I swear i must never wear those kind! Sorry to those designers who created this.

well, some people wear it because its comfy. so continue wearing. i dont mind, just think its well, not nice.


its your choice.

okay..okay..i will wear it if, they change the colour. because that colour is very grandma-ish. a striking gold or silver will click with it!


i never had a bottle of perfume before. *gasp* a decent real myself one. i hope to get one when im older. maybe when im 16 or 17? im gonna apply a little unlike some people who smelled like they used the whole bottle? like phew! Esp the waitresses, they smell bad! too much. and one particular waitress had the same perfume smell as the one in my magazine(the free sample) i bet she rub her hand against it everyday.

so moving on to the real world, my test results are..horrendous! HAHA, michee should get it. My science is horrible. but the others are okay. my mum gave me $500 as a reward! :D oh la la! $500 for myself. what do i hear now?


dont get excited yet because..

i havent got the money yet. boo. and i think she's tricking me. another boo. and yet, $500 are you kidding for an average of 60+? another another boo.

shopping spree in brunei? A better choice would be in Singapore or KL or NEW YORK! ESH! I wanna go new york! New york looks amazing, although the clothes there are quite expensive since they are branded. and oh, i heard my mum's going nepal this year! seriously no comment.

lastly, i bid you adieu.

OH! i know what to name my son now! Marc Jacobs! HAHAH just kidding. maybe cavalli..or..Nic Miller? or..JOE JONAS! :D

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