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lilian's sims 2 stories

its pretty much late now..*coughs* 12.44 AM

HAHA WTH its still early but im quite tired now. so..

before i go, why not show you how well my sims 2 characters have been getting along? :)

OH. mr darren dreamer has avoided Lucy Hanby(the frenchy maid) so i guess..he and his wife is getting much better. altho the wife still doesnt know that he had an affair. AND IM SO NICE to do a makeover for DARREN! DARREN IS JUST SO BLOODY LAME! thank goodness i was there to help. anyone who's his wife would feel embarassed. at least his son Dirk is quite hot.

PICTURES OF THE CROCHONE FAMILY. ( dont you dare laugh at the family name! i wonder why i chose that name tho )

CHARACTERS: Wendy Anne Crochone, Darren Dreamer, Chloe Jenn Crochone, Brandi Broke, Lucy Hanby.

we started off as strangers who just met each other..and then friends..

We gradually got closer and closer... (SEE DARREN'S NEW HAIRSTYLE? actually i think this pic was taken after their marriage, ahh, who cares then!)

then i proposed to him, i believe girls shouldnt always wait for a man to propose to her, if the time's right, then just do it. ;) - Brandi. Oh, i invited him for dinner. a formal candlelight dinner.

*ACTUALLY i prefer a man to propose to me , call me "laotu" or wtv, but its more respectful to me. inside the game, i just wanna have a family faster, thats all! AND CHECK OUT DARREN'S EXPRESSION! its kinda girly tho. like the rhino in kungfu panda! :p

we finally got married and i could feel a new chapter of my life has just begin!

*check out that pink bag! LOL ugh actually can download wedding dresses man! LIKE so WOW! and look at my guests! a lot ey? even the postwoman decided to join in.

Brandi is my bestest friend and supporter! she has been there for me in hard times and i just wanna give her a big hug for all that she has done! She was the one who encouraged me to proposed to Darren and it worked!

*i so badly wanted to make WA flirt with her *coughs* but decided its better for WA and her to remain friends.

the night after our wedding, a steamy romance scene was going on between us felt great knowing i can share this with someone i love. he told me how much i look like his older wife and all..*sighs* i want him to like JUST ME!

*dont get dirty minded and all! its just part of the story!

im then pregnant! to think it happens so fast! not a really good thing though, i have been going to the toilet several times a day to puke! thankfully, darren was considerate enough to learn how to cook so he can prepare the meals instead of me doing it most of the time.

*HO HO HO! darren nice? NOOO! he flirted with the maid when you were sleeping, kissed her, when you were peeing and even when you were talking on the phone! *slaps darren*

ugh! giving birth was a painful experience! i gave birth at about 2am in the morning! Darren was still sleeping even when i screamed in pain!

*one weird thing WA does..she woke up from her sleep (i knew she was gonna give birth)and then walk around the house and then went back to the bedroom and give birth. WEIRD-O.

my lovely princess, Chloe Jenn Crochone! She's such a lovely baby! im a mother! Chloe arriving into this world is the best part of my life!

* she's kinda middle-tan because her dad's african black and her mum's well, white. I WAS SO RELIEVED WHEN it was a girl! i dont want a boy! boys in sims 2 are boring! no offence tho! its because mostly the stuffs i downloaded are for girls.

anyway,those stories up there is Wendy's story. quite ordinary like every sims life, but hey, this is just the beginning. I will see if i can spice things up a bit, like make Wendy fall in love with Brandi or make Wendy break up with her husband! JKJK! no way. i want her life to be perfect. and excuse her "hairstyle" please. i havent download the hair stuffs for my sims that time.

dont make fun of my sims bah! ^^

my next story is prolly a woman, whose husband passed away, and she's struggling to look after her two children, one girl one boy. both teenagers. The girl loves partying( she's hot! trust me! nice tan, nice eyes, nice hair, the clothes are evn awesome) and the son will prolly fall in love with WA's child, Chloe.

i will make chloe grow into a teenager first then baru play that story. The party girl will be Chloe B.F.F. :) Oh, back to the woman, she's a novelist and has her own office in her house. SO...just wait for that story..

Dont get confused okay! lol. maybe you dont find sims that fun or you just hate this post or wtv, just keep your bad opinions to yourself! thanks!


i hope to blog a lot within this week, because when school's starting , i may not be able to go online.only once a week as i said earlier.

till here then!

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