Sunday, June 08, 2008

just call me "the stealer" HAHA

max baldry is so cute! the one from the mr bean's holiday. the little kid? ^^

random much? but still, *dreams* was sports day. and to tell the truth, the place is really small. i really want it to be in stadium! BIGGER! overall, Hollis got last..AGAIN. almost every year, they got last. boo! ~.~ but at least they joined kan?

and something bad happened that time when im sitting in the stands. apparently someone mistaken me for a thief! :O of course i am not! and plus, the people who i wanted to "rob" doesnt look that rich anyway! It all started when this lil boy started taking his video camera and filming it. and it looks like he was filming in my direction.

i thought it was cute at first..but he kept on filming and filming until michee got pissed and said shh or ehh him. and my hands feeling itchy grabbed the strap attached to the camera. the mama saw it. and DAN-DAN-DAN. she gave some signal to the dad perhaps and he took the cam away from the son. eh lah! du lian! HAHA.

i m quite tired now. i will go and retire for the time now. and perhaps go drown all my sorrows. *sniffs* because.

i havent got my $25 dollars from my dad.
and he didnt come today! :(

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